A better go this time.

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April 20th, 2014 12:11 pm

So, this is my 5 attempt, and will hopefully be my fourth game submitted for LD!

Last time, I didn’t finish my game Naught in time (or ever), and that was a big blow to me. However, I’ll talk more about that in the other post that I do every LD, the “What I learned” post.

Regardless, my tools:

Code:¬†As always, I could whip out the good old Python 2.7 and Pygame 1.9.1. However, I’ve felt somewhat awkward using Pygame lately, because I’ve learned that Python kind of sucks for games. However, I’m not completely casting it out of the realms of possibility. There is a higher chance that I’ll make a text-based Python game though, because I’ve been messing around for the last week, working on a text-based engine. That’ll be my warm-up game, once I feel good about it (and it’s stable).

Another big possibility is JavaScript. I’ve made JavaScript choose-your-own-adventure games before for LD, and I’ve refined the engine since then. It’s good. I’ll release that soon enough for all the fellow Ludum Darers to use. :)

Lastly, and probably most remotely, is Unity. I’ve been working in Unity (C# dialect) for several months for an internship, but I have an iffy relationship with it. Last LD I tried using it, and that didn’t work so successfully. If I do use it, it will not be a first-person game. I can tell you that much.

Graphics: Like always, I will probably be using Photoshop CS2 for my graphics.

Music: So many choices! I can use Audacity, Anvil Studio, Audiotool, FamiTracker, or just play instruments for music. It all depends on what the game calls for!

Fonts: I make fonts! I use a nice website called FontStruct that can help me. Otherwise, Dafont is a nice website as well.

Hoping to do better this time. I’m keeping my hopes up!

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