Must… finish… one of these.

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April 19th, 2014 2:18 pm

Alright, count me in for the Jam.  I know it’s dangerous to go alone, but whatever.

I just have one question… I’ve scoured the rules, and I’m still unsure: if I’m entering the Jam, is previous content allowed?  I’m not talking code, but entire art assets I’ve previously made.  For instance, if I know I’m allowed to sit down and model and animate an entire human beforehand, I’ll do that.  If not, I wouldn’t risk doing it during the 72 hours, since it would cost me a lot of time.

In any case, I’ve picked my poison:

Unity Pro, Gimp, Reason 6, Lightwave 9.

Best of luck to everyone!

^ disregard picture

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  1. Tim Bumpus says:

    To be honest, it’s probably entirely within the rules of the Jam to make art beforehand, as long as you MAKE THAT STUFF PUBLICLY AVAILABLE. But it’s entirely against the spirit of the thing. When people rate your game, they’ll rate it highly thinking you did all that work in 72 hours. But you didn’t. (And no, you can’t count on them to read your description that says you didn’t.) It’s just sort of dishonest. =p

    • Linear says:

      I don’t know… whether or not it’s in the spirit of the thing is debatable. I would argue that if you held a competition where you allowed anyone to use any art assets they chose, but didn’t allow entire levels to be formed before the competition officially started (say, by announcing a theme only when the competition starts), then people could compete just the same, and potentially make higher quality games. It also wouldn’t be dishonest to do something that’s allowed by the rules. That’s why my question comes down to “is it allowed in the rules?” (It’s also why I’m entering the Jam, and not the compo… I know for a fact that the compo is strict about all art assets having to be made within that 48 hours.)

      • Tim Bumpus says:

        Your game doesn’t have to have amazing graphics to be exceptional. The subjective “spirit of the event” is generally seeing what we can do under limitations, as in a theme and time limit. If you’re not making your game in 72 hours, then it’s just not the same.

        Is it allowed under the rules? Yes. Does anyone actually do it? No. (And I’m not exaggerating.)

      • Tim Bumpus says:

        In the end, it’s your call. No one is really here to say what you can and can’t do. It’s all about self-imposed challenge. =)

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