KYUU no tobira ga kaihou saremashita

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April 17th, 2014 10:27 am

kyuu no tobira






LD29 marks the time for my 9th consecutive LD (henceforth referred to as “KYUU”). So hide your foolgarbage and make way for the boheme genius everyone loves to hate.

I’ve even got a nine of diamonds up my sleeve. This time I’m gonna be using my own basecode in the form of FlashFunk. It’s got neat helper functions and a scripting system built on top of FlashPunk. It spices up my jamming so much, since I used to end up writing a half-assed version of that stuff whenever starting a new project.


chevyapproved(approved by Chevy himself so come say that to my face not offline)


Speaking of funk, I downloaded a bunch of neat instruments for MilkyTracker and am slowly working my way up towards the musical brilliance of that one Sonic 3D jam. Audio’s been one of my strong suits and I’ll try to raise the bar even more, aiming for the top 9. Grafx2 supplies the visual funk that I’ll have to manually add transparency to every time I change one pixel. And as a typeface connoisseur, I’ll put to test some real man’s retro fonts (not the Walmart “”””pixel font””””, in quadruple quotes for maximum satire and intent of non-promotion, that is 04b_03). If I really go overboard, I might even design some actual characters again too.

In general I’m just hyped for doing a really special and Jiggawatty and fun sort of game to celebrate my KYUUJYUU KYUU NANA NISEMMAN




oh yeah and I’ll also do a keynote for you folks (the most official keynote)





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  1. Jiggawatt says:

    KYUU likes, that’s what I KYUUlike.

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