0RBITALIS: From LD48 to Steam in 100 days

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April 17th, 2014 7:57 am

Last December I took part in the 28th Ludum Dare. I tried to get the most out of its theme (the incredibly vague “You Only Get One“) and the result was 0RBITALIS. A minimalistic gravity simulator with a puzzle flavour. The game was both the most voted and commented entry in the contest and in the end… … …it didn’t win! I do not deny that I have been quite disappointed, initially. But after reading all the positive comments from the Ludum Dare community, I decided to keep working on the game. One hundred days after, 0RBITALIS has been released on Steam. How did I do that? Weeell…

comp_01 comp_02


  • 15th-16th: 0RBITALIS is born!
  • 16th: available on Newgrounds


  • 7th: available on itch.io
  • 13rd: available on IndieGameStand
  • 27th: first contact with Mastertronic
  • 30th: nominated for the Newgrounds Award 2013


  • 12th: showcased at BAFTA Inside Games Arcade
  • 17th-21st: showcased at GDC 2014 in the ALT.CTRL.GDC section
  • 28th-30th: showcased at EGX Rezzed in the Leaft Field Collection
  • 27th March: Doseone joins the project


I want to see this not as an happy ending, but rather as an happy beginning for 0RBITALIS. I am looking forward to see how feedback from its community will shape it for the final release. And if there is a message behind my story, is surely not to give up. There are thousands of people out there who love your game: they just don’t know it yet… :-)

lotus2 s_05_big

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4 Responses to “0RBITALIS: From LD48 to Steam in 100 days”

  1. midgard says:

    Whoa man, I remember seeing this on the last LD, pretty awesome to see how far is it going!

    Good luck, keep the good work C:

  2. laker says:

    You are great, cookie Master!

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