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Ludum Deals for LD29 [13]

Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
April 9th, 2014 11:30 am

Deals! Here is this LD’s list of offers, bargains and other things.


Content Creation

  • Pixexix ProProjection Painting Tool – Get Pixexix Pro for 66% off ($10), through April.
  • AutoTileGen Pro2D Terrain Tileset Generator – Get AutoTileGen Pro for 50% off ($10). Available until the end of Ludum Dare. Use this link.
  • Pickle EditorSprite and Animation Editor – $10 off (Reg $24.99) with coupon code LD29. Click here to add to cart.
  • VoxatronCool Game with built-in Voxel Editor and Exporter – Free copy to any LD’er that wants to make Voxel Graphics. More details here.

Unity Asset Store

If you’d like to submit your own deal, you can post details and a link in the comments below, or send me an e-mail. Keep in mind I don’t have a lot of time, but if you need a confirmation or just to ping me once it’s posted, go ahead and mail me. When I have a chance I’ll add it to the list.

Also it MUST be relevant to what we do here (i.e. make games).

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  1. Elisée says:

    Like I’ve been doing lately, I’ll be running an long free week-end for my cross-platform 3d game-making platform (supports live coop editing for team jam participants, has a built-in blocky model editor / animation tool, and visual + Lua scripting) –

    The free week-end will run from April 24th to April 29th and will give access to all features for the duration of the event!

  2. strong99 says:

    The GameCreator, a web based game editor, no coding required, drag and drop it together, has a special Ludumdare 29 offer: access most features including full analytics during the LD29 weekend and 3 weeks of voting. Use the promo code: “Ludumdare29” after registration.

    The Ludumdare 29 event will run from the 24th of April until the end of voting. Good luck!

  3. burgerdare says:

    Just to confirm, is the AGK app development kit freebie a 100% no strings attached freebie, or is it a free weekend type deal where I have to pay for it after the competition ends?

  4. Pixexix Pro is 66% off ($10 USD) through April :)

    It’s a “projection painting tool”, which in English means you can paint onto your 3D models using your preferred image editor/painting software.

  5. AstroEngiSci says:

    So, just to clarify, is the AGK App Game Kit free for the duration of Ludum Dare or free if you use it to make a game FOR this Ludum Dare?

  6. cadin says:

    You can save $10 on the Pickle pixel editor by using the coupon code ‘LD29′:

    Enter the code on the last page of the checkout process,
    or use this link to apply the coupon automatically:

    (Coupon is good through April 28)

  7. Does this Loom offer also work for those that got Indie licenses last year, and maaaybe didn’t yet get around to using Loom on a project?

  8. DarkMeatGames says:

    I’ll be handing out free copies of Voxwell:

    It’s a Unity3d editor extension that let’s you quickly create voxel levels, somewhat like creative mode for Minecraft.

    I don’t want to put a free link out there, so just send me a tweet @DarkMeatGames saying you want it for ludum dare and I’ll send you a copy!

  9. My Unity menu framework is free for the duration of ludum dare! you won’t need to worry about creating those pesky menus now and focus on making your game as good as you can within the 48 hours, enjoy!

  10. Joe_Robins says:

    If you want to use Unity during the LD here is a serial key to use:


    That will give you access to a nice trial with all the bells and whistles.


  11. lexaloffle says:

    Hey All
    As usual, I’m glad to provide a copy of Voxatron for any LD’ers who want to use it for quick voxelly graphics. You can export models to .obj/.mtl or as raw txt/png files from the designer by pressing escape for console and typing “export blah.obj”, “export blah.txt”, “export blah.png”, or “export blah%d.png” (for a bunch of separate slices).

    Here are some keys: (Redeem: or if they run out, feel free to mail me at hey at lexaloffle dot com with your LD username, and I’ll reply as soon as I can (might be a little late). No worries if you don’t end up actually making any voxel graphics!

  12. emanb29 says:

    Are there any keys left?

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