Last LD, a lot of people were having trouble with getting motivated, including myself. I attributed this at the time to a strange lack of the usual pre-event hype. To prevent the same thing happening again, I have decided that the “I’m In” postings should commence as soon as possible. So here’s mine!

Hello, everyone! I feel like I’m meeting an old friend again already– not only because it’s been so long since I’ve had Twitter to talk about games with, but because it’s been even longer since I’ve had only Ludum Dare and no Twitter. Those were the days. I’ve been on hiatus from Twitter for a while, you see, and it’s been nice, but I do miss the spontaneous conversation.

Allow me to introduce myself, just because I can. I’m Tim, formerly Puzzlem00n until I recently decided that screen names are annoying, I’m 15, and I make games!~on occasion! Coincidentally, a couple days ago marked the two-year anniversary of the day I first joined this site and revealed myself to the internet. I’ve done five Ludums since then, and it would have been six, too, if it weren’t for that meddling motivation loss. I’ll get away with it this time!

Upon getting to know me, you’ll find that my general personality traits include: arbitrary loss of willpower, strange mixings of optimism and cynicism, no desire to understand low-level code concepts, ranting self-deprecatingly about life problems, switching interests from games to writing/animation/comics, not actually liking to play games, giving unneeded advice (OR SO YOU’LL SAY), and making lists. Other than all that, I’m told I’m pretty rad!

So what have I been doing lately, I’ll pretend your asking? Well, I’m trying to put together my personal website AND find a way to update it with content five or six days a week! See the extremely early WIP, the greatest domain name ever conceived (world record pending).

The point is, I’m going to be doing this. And I mean I really am going to do this. And if I’m lucky, this is going to be the beginning of a new age of Tim.

Of course, that’s what I said back on New Years’… =)

(My toolset will be revealed semi-dramatically in my next post.)

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