MiniLD 50: Demaking Gravity Rush

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April 6th, 2014 8:05 am

I can’t believe I missed the MiniLD 50 announcement earlier! Demakes is such an exciting theme to work with. I would have loved to have jumped on the bandwagon weeks ago.

Luckily, it looks like submissions will be open for another day or so, so I decided to polish my collision detection and platformer skills and demake Gravity Rush, one of the PlayStation Vita’s most unique games.

I’ve decided the best way to go about this demake is to strip out everything except the gem collecting aspect. Collect enough gems and you’ll have the power to escape the map by flying (or rather, “falling”) upwards through a narrow vertical shaft. I got all of the gravity mechanics and collision detection in place this evening. The player can float in place, fall in any of four directions, and walk and jump normally on walls and ceilings, so long as the power bar isn’t depleted.

The art is placeholder-y right now, but here’s a gif of it in action, with the player’s sprite pointing the direction gravity is currently directed:

I work tomorrow, so I won’t have too much time before the deadline, but I have some of the world designed on paper, and if I can implement that, then I’ll try and make a nicer player sprite.

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