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March 10th, 2014 11:50 pm


LINK to engine
LINK to convertor

Last MiniLD (#49) I used… the furnace engine!!! …and it was great – it was the first time that I did not have to code and I could focus on the content entirely*. I managed to create a fairly complex and decent Minecraft-like adventure-y game.

Unfortunately, I also discovered the most annoying aspect of this sort of language – it’s horrendous at defining sprites! Encoding images as letters is NOT a good idea (yes, I’m looking at you, PuzzleScript); it requires enormous patience. So that’s why I made a sprite sheet importer! What does it do? You just and drop your sprite sheet (an IMAGE made in an image-editing software), then you adjust the grid/sprite slicer and BAM! – you get them encoded as text in furnace-engine-format. Exporting images to the PuzzleScript-format is on its way.

*Digressing: I find it a blessing to not care/know about the underlying details of what you’re working with: I can’t see the pixels on my tablet – therefore images on it must be made out of magic! I also don’t have access to its file system – therefore files, if they exist at all, must be stored in a magical way and I love that I don’t know how! Same thing goes for Haskell – it’s sooo high level you can never know what the machine you’re running your program on is doing.

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