Mini Ludum Dare 50 Announcement!

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March 7th, 2014 6:48 am

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This MiniLD is over! Thanks for participating, everybody!

Greetings, and welcome to the Mini Ludum Dare 50!


As next month the big fat Ludum Dare 29 happens, you’re encouraged to use this jam as preparation and warm-up for the “real thing”. This means: hone your skills, try out new tools, experiment with different gameplay ideas or even do things you normally don’t do.

The theme for this miniLD is DEMAKES!

I chose this theme simply because it wasn’t a theme for any Ludum Dare before. Officially demakes are remakes of already created games, by using less advanced technology, a more limited platform and/or a reduced scope. But as the purpose of Ludum Dare is to have fun, you may interpret this in any way you want. You should make something that is awesome to play, not that follows the theme slavishly.

Mini Ludum Dare 50 officially starts March 22nd and ends March 24th (in your timezone), but the submission form will be open for the rest of the month [Update!] until April the 7th. Of course you may also start sooner. I recommend doing the game in 48 hours (or if you’re a team, 72 hours) nonetheless, to keep the focus tight.

[Update!] Rules: Regarding the jam there are none. Teams are allowed, all tools are allowed, using preexisting content is allowed, all genres are allowed. A fair bit of warning, though: DO NOT infringe copyrights! I will remove all entries where I have reason to believe this is the case. Thanks for understanding!

PS: For more cool game jams, visit the CompoHub!

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72 Responses to “Mini Ludum Dare 50 Announcement!”

  1. Patacorow says:

    I’ve been suggesting ‘demakes’ as a theme for so long now. Thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Michcioperz says:

    I hope to participate in this one, though I have Ukraine in mind more than demakes.

  3. Pietro Ferrantelli says:

    Best theme ever !!! Thank you !

  4. Optimus6128 says:

    Suitable theme for something I wanted to start but didn’t had the motivation before. Cool!

  5. deathray says:

    Great theme. Given that these are my favorite games, I was thinking of demaking one of the following franchices: SimCity, Civilization, Fable, Elder Scrolls.

    Any preference for which you’d like to play?

  6. littleball says:

    I’m thinking of Dwat Fortress, in space… but less complicated

  7. GarrickWinter says:

    Oh wow, this could be interesting! I’ll have to think it over…

  8. suoraviiva says:

    I might have to leverage the looseness of the deadline, as Dark Souls II is released this week… I’m immediately thinking of demaking Demon’s/Dark Souls.

    Congratulations on the awesome theme! Demaking is so much fun, you can take one aspect of a game and go wild, keeping the theme of the original game as your inspiration. I seriously hope I have time to cook up something!

  9. Optimus6128 says:

    I am wondering how many will go for oldschool platforms, like demaking a later game in an 8bit platform or something. I am planning something for the CPC+ but not a grandiose title, something from android that can be ported easilly, I wanted to do it in few days before I found this competition, but was too lazy to even start. Now I think I have my motivation.

  10. Tim Bumpus says:

    I want to do this one, definitely. I’ll just need an idea…

  11. Christina Nordlander says:

    My wish came true!

    And I already have ideas for which game to do.

  12. zebi24 says:

    The sweetest theme! Can’t wait for this! :)

  13. TijmenTio says:

    Oh man this theme is so sweeeet, if only I had time to participate :(

  14. Cybearg says:

    So if I understand this right, we can start any time? What I have in mind isn’t something I could hope to do in 48 hours, though due more to my lack of skill than because of scope. Doing it over the whole of this next week would be nice, even if it means it couldn’t compete in anything.

    • yangamedev says:

      This is a Mini-LD it’s not a real competition…I’m always stunned at the people who think they’re going to be disqualified or have to beg permission for what’s already given.

      I have news for you, people break the main LD rules all the time, and typically win.

      Work on it all month if you want, who’s going to stop you?

    • ratking says:

      Yes, you may start earlier, the submission form will be open until end of March. There won’t be any disqualifications or so.

  15. jitendragarg says:

    How do I find a genre to work on? I am always finding it difficult to decide on a genre for a game. I can code, but what to code is the question. Problem is I suck at art, so I have to do games that can work with primitive art.

    • yangamedev says:

      One word: Atari.

      We’re the same — I’ve always said I can code anything, but WHAT is the question. I haven’t been this excited since I fucked up Minimalism back in the day.

      “How do I find a genre”…how do you think?

    • ratking says:

      I look at games I liked very much, or at least game mechanics I like; the art can be simple 8×8 sprites, really – that’s the good thing with this theme.

      Perhaps you could ask yourself the question “What would my favourite game look like if it were a board game?”

      • jitendragarg says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I am just ignorant when it comes to art. I still find it difficult to draw even basic thing. Unless I can plan out the exact steps to follow, it is very disheartening. If I can see a design sheet of final version, I can easily rig up a demo for one. Starting from scratch, and I will spend 20 minutes, choosing the name of the project. :(

        Anyway, I am thinking of doing Alan wake in 2d (for game mechanic). I think it will look and play good enough. Sadly, I can’t figure out what enemies I should go for, or what should my level look like.

  16. default says:

    Great theme. Going to try and do a demake of Shadow of the Colossus. Probably N64 or PS1 level specs using a 2.5D view. Is it a faux pas to submit early? I have an event Friday that will prevent me from participating that night.

  17. Matriax says:

    Hi ratking,

    Can you revise my entry for the MiniLD50 and erase it if break the rules?:

    Rules are:
    There are none, really. Teams are allowed, all tools are allowed, using preexisting content is allowed (but DO NOT infringe copyrights), all genres are allowed.

    The question is that i start to develop the game before the MiniLD50 announcement and after finish the game i see the MINILD50 with the exact theme of my game and after see the rules “none,really” and is allowed using preexisting content i thought was allowed but someone posted that is not made for the MINILD50.

    For this please, remove my game form the MINILD50 in case on violation.

    Sorry for the incovenience :( .


  18. Filth and Money says:

    I’d like to announce that I’m making a Pong demake! Good times!

  19. Patacorow says:

    I’ve submitted my game but it won’t show up! And there’s no download link on the game page!! Please fix it :(

    My game:

  20. harleylaurie says:

    I’m going to remake goldeneye from the N64.
    one of my favorite games from when I was growing up.
    I’m going to use unity 3d for its ease of use.
    Upon completion I will post links to the source code, assets used,
    a time lapse video of its creation and orcourse a link to play the game.

  21. fcpfoof says:

    Yeah, I hope this to be my first LD ever.
    Today, I’m inspired by Google Android Puzzlebot, but I’m still thinking what to create.

  22. GaTechGrad says:

    I don’t have any good ideas for this Mini-LD. If you’re de-making an already existing game, wouldn’t you be technically infringing on the IP of the source game? That’s unless you’re de-making your own game, or I guess you could just de-make a general game genre and not a specific title.

  23. woodecker says:

    Hi, I would like to make a demake of Gears of War. The idea is to make the game to look like Contra (NES).

    Any artist is interested here?


  24. Thought I will share my demake of Titanfall which I am currently making:

  25. Static 64 says:

    Do parody-style games count as copyright infringement? I’ve sketched my own low-quality versions of game characters, but it’s sort of tongue-in-cheek. Is this okay?

  26. Mlkyduby says:

    Hmmm maybe a simple Don’t Starve? 😀

  27. jitendragarg says:

    I am screwed. I prepared every thing for a demake of Alan Wake yesterday. Sadly Unity don’t allow lighting changes on sprites, so I can’t create the atmosphere or use an actual light. Now, I have half working game but no idea what to do with it. Someone please give me an idea of what I can do.

    To explain the game I have till now :

    It has a simple 2d sprite of a man in suit, complete with walking animation. And a ghost with animation for movement etc. done. Game allows to simply move left right (no jump animation in the sprites, so I left it) and shoot the ghost. I can add more platforms in any direction to make it a bit of platformer. But, I will have to submit the game as separate post.

    For this theme, can anyone suggest a 3d game, that I can do with primitive models (cube, sphere, cylinder etc). I am comfortable with coding enough to make a shooter, but never created cover system.

  28. Oddly Shaped Pixels says:

    Hi! I’m making a demake of Assassin’s Creed (the first one, although it’s not really relevant) but before going any further, I’d like to know if this ( infringe the copyright stuffs?

    Thanks in advance!


  29. Korwegian says:

    I was really looking forward to this minidare but I seem to have missed it. Is it too late to start a project?

  30. I’m making progress with a game on the 6502-based Comopukit UK101. The machine is 34 years old now, and more than a little flaky. I’m loading the game via RS-232 from a Linux host at 1200 baud (four times the usual 300 baud for cassette loading). It’s all in BASIC so far, and way too slow! I’ll need to code some critical bits of the VDU update routine in 6502 assembler. I’ve made a couple of in-progress videos:

    Loading the game and running it:

    Testing collision detection:

    I’d better try it out on a UK101 emulator, too!

  31. But I want to demake psychonauts!
    The whole point of demakes is to use a well-known game, what’s the use if you can’t copy the graphics and characters?

  32. neocrey says:

    If you want some exclusive free music for your Mini LD project feel free to e-mail me:
    You need music – I need expreience

  33. magar says:

    Is there voting in the miniLds?

  34. Static 64 says:

    Will the submission form be open throughout the day on the 7th, or is today the last day?

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