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March 7th, 2014 10:30 am

Hey… (EDIT apologies… not sure why this is appearing above MiniLD50)
After seeing the excellent PillowCastle video, I made a demo Forced Perspective object resizing workspace… not a game as such, but if anyone is interested in making some models or creating levels, give me a shout – perhaps we can work together on something.

If anyone wants the code including whole project environment which borrows from snippets found in various Unity forum threads, then you can download that here.

The complexity (it’s not that bad…) is in FixedJointDragger.

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  1. mrexcessive says:

    Yep ratking… I loved your game! Managed to get out too… just coded this to see what was needed…

  2. abisheksampath says:

    Hi, The website link which you have given doesn’t work anymore. If possible, could you share the source code and environment details again. I would like to try a different version of this.

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