MiniLD #49

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February 15th, 2014 5:28 am


21st to Monday 24th 23:59 of February (in your timezone) (FINISHED!)


  • Non-human player


  • You can work alone or in a team.
  • You can use previously created assets.
  • You can do it in your timezone. (21st-24th of feb)
  • Have fun.

Non-human player, is the player a crow, a fish, a trap, an arrow, an apple, a monster, an obelisk, a droid or maybe a creature disguised as a player? Use the theme as you want, try to make something cool. You can make an artsy game (a flower?), a mechanic driven game (a bird?) or maybe a sound driven game (a bat?).

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65 Responses to “MiniLD #49”

  1. sorceress says:

    I’m looking forward to taking part :)

  2. Jiggawatt says:

    Can the player be the sum of ideas tangential to adding something new to an existing invention?

  3. DrabWeb says:

    Does it start friday night and end monday morning, or does it start friday morning and end monday night?

  4. idontcare1025 says:

    Can’t wait for it. I think I’m finally going to have a use for my dog’s annoying barks…

  5. rafeu says:

    May we submit two projects? (It would be my first game jam if I participate)

  6. GarrickWinter says:

    Wooo! Looking forward to this; I will have to work a little overtime to get that weekend free, but whatever. I can’t wait to jam another game out. Interesting theme, too!

  7. James Foley says:

    This is a nice excuse for someone to make a flappy bird clone… xD

  8. idontcare1025 says:

    Do we need the source code?

  9. Vulpus says:

    Sweet I’m in, adding finishing touches to personal 2d game engine this week so this will be my first game to make on it. Can’t wait!

  10. Himself says:

    Hi! I am new around here. Well not new, i registered a bit ago and here amd there come back to creep over the site checking the games and stuff out. Anyways, Ive just gotten into making games for mobile devices and figure this would be a good thing to join for learning purposes. What confuses me is the rules. I see the rules for LD2, its in 66 days right? where are the rules for the miniLD? i want to be part of the one thats coming up in a couple days. What do I do? Do i make a blog post on the first day of the compo? Do I make one now? I can build a game for anything right? Using any game development tool? To be honest thats the biggest struggle ive had what tool to use and why! Do I go design way and use Unity3d or do I go pure program and use Marmalade SDK, maybe even marmalade quick…..What about Corona?Gideros?GameSalad? Argh the possibilties they burn my eyes! Anyways, ya, any ideas? rules?

    Thanks eh?


  11. nikholaichan says:

    Looking forward to this. Me and a friend will be working together on it.

  12. darthkeagon says:

    Can’t wait for this. My friend and I have some great ideas for it!

  13. Randompigs says:

    I’m really exited. This’ll be my first jam and I’ve already got a topic.

  14. DrabWeb says:

    Ok, im pretty sure im doing a game about an orange that washes buildings with orange juice and turns them into flat ui buildings.

  15. Jexel says:

    Do we need to have created the assets ourselves?

  16. deathray says:

    An obelisk would make a bad player since it couldn’t even hit buttons. Not to nitpick too much, but this theme really means “Non-human Character”, not “player”, right?

  17. Softwave says:

    I will be taking part in this. :)

    Have an idea and such already for a relatively simple game. Hopefully I can pull it off.

  18. bueno_ric2 says:

    Posso usar uma sombra humana?

    [google translate]

    I can use a human shadow?

  19. brittbrady says:

    YAY all about this. Cell is one of my favorite pixel artist!!!

  20. Randompigs says:

    I’m making my first game for this jam. I’m super exited and I’m using my fav. photo edit of all time as the protagonist.

  21. jitendragarg says:

    Damn, game design is much more difficult than designing websites. Most of my time was spent in just figuring out a way to solve basic issues (like whether to use capsule or cylinder for chopper’s collider; or what texture to use for background). I am creatively challenged. Hopefully, I will be able to finish a playable version of the game by tomorrow.

    Also, a quick question? I don’t have any server space to host web player version. Can I just upload windows version on Skydrive or something? I will simply submit the public link to the skydrive folder with desktop version of the game. Is that acceptable?

  22. Shill says:

    Like a couple other people, this is my first miniLD and I’m pretty excited to see the results !

  23. CaptainFlapjack says:

    We are also taking part

  24. jcarlosgarciaromero says:

    I just uploaded my game

  25. jitendragarg says:

    Done, whatever I could finish. Ideas for powerups, and other things are welcome. Game’s name is chopper attack.

  26. DrabWeb says:

    Just uploaded, good luck everyone else!

  27. idontcare1025 says:

    Uploaded mine. Scrapped 3 different ideas before finishing. So much wasted code…

  28. CaptainFlapjack says:

    We upload our “Falling Burnie”. It was hurd but fun. Good luck for everyone!!!

  29. schizokoa says:

    finished mine too :3

  30. jugglenerd says:

    When is the very latest we can submit our games?

  31. pancakecity says:

    Whew! Finished. This was my first miniLD, my first web game, and probably my most ‘completed’ game jam submission yet. Looking forward to playing all the other submissions!

  32. idontcare1025 says:

    Not sure if my game works on Mac or not. Let’s just hope it does 😀

  33. Fatal1ty X64 says:

    Uploaded mine, only tested on Safari and Chrome, I’m too tired to test the rest, heading to bed, if people want like it, i’ll see about updating it.

    Good luck everybody

    ps I’m glad I didn’t go with my second idea, there would have been 2 elevator sim’s

  34. Britt Brady (Gloom) says:

    Did it

  35. timtipgames says:

    Will we actually rate this time?

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