World JS: History Simulation

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February 14th, 2014 9:14 pm

My Javascript project to test memory leaking has gone too far. Now I believe it’s becoming a simulation game. The content is about history of humankind.

I think the code base is ready to be extended now. But the gameplay hasn’t had a clear direction yet. Text-based strategy or resource management or zero player simulation game or something else, I don’t know.

Please let me know what you guys think of it. It’s an open source project so everyone can join too.

World JS: History Simulation

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6 Responses to “World JS: History Simulation”

  1. abhijeetdtu says:

    Add a CPU player, define rough boundaries for the two communities and watch em battle for existence

  2. 7dare says:

    The “game” is way too easy. It took me way less than 10 minutes to ace it and at the start it wasn’t clear as to how to play. The gameplay should be more open: depending on the player’s choices, different objectives come up on the right.

    • anvoz says:

      Thanks. The game was even easier in the past because I want everyone to finish it and learn some history. I will add the “how to play” soon. Because the game is based on real world history so no different objective yet. I’m still thinking about it…

  3. Caridorc says:

    Very good ‘game’.

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