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February 2nd, 2014 1:46 pm

Hey guys,

So we have always used Java for our previous submissions; it is portable, most everyone can run it, and can be easily collaborated on. Many of you may have heard of the programming language MatLab (more information here:¬† ), which is primarily used for exactly what it sounds like, math. However, the language has just enough built in features that simple games can be created with it… So here comes the question: how many of you would be interested in, and could run, a game submitted in Mat Lab? No guarantees we would follow through with it, especially depending upon the theme next time around, but we just wanted to see if it would be worth while to try at all.

Happy Coding,


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  1. My reflex question is: can’t you do it in R instead. But to answer you question, could at work but don’t know if I want to break that barrier. Some do games with very specific requirements (like 4 xbox controllers). They get some ratings but I have to think many of the ratings are from people not having played it. I think many find it annoying ift here’s no Web player, and out of the question of one has to install anything extra. You should at least a video of you playing it if you do. So you can get feedback on that.

  2. laaph says:

    I have had that very same thought before. I would try running your game!

    Reasons that have stopped me
    – No one will run the code because of the four digit price tag in USD
    – No one will run the code because versionitus can be a problem (I’m running 2010a, I’ve had headaches getting my and others code working on each others machines)
    – I would target Octave, which more people would have, I’ve used it when Matlab is unavailable, but the GUI part of Octave is near undeveloped compared to Matlab
    – Except I think Octave has Java built-in same as Matlab, but if I’m using that for everything, why not use Java?

    Do it! I’ll play your game, and who knows how may else will.

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