Someone stole my LD #26 game and released it on iOS!

Posted by (twitter: @Split82)
January 31st, 2014 1:05 pm

Today I found out there is a game called Retro Sprint 2D on the App Store. I looked at it and realised it’s almost 1:1 copy of my Ludum Dare #26 game called Chameleon Run. I guess, the guy just took my source code, replaced the music and add menu there. Bad luck :(


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  1. That image is quite convincing… maybe you could contact app store, that is if you had the plan of making any money off it. Or maybe even contact the one who released it in a friendly way to see if something could be worked out… (btw, wonder if they stole yours, how many more the same person have released this way). Or you could also take it as a form of credit for the qualities of your game.

  2. Vi-King Games says:

    You could probably get the copycat off the App Store very easily.

  3. Jacob123 says:

    Hey man I just played your game versus the copycat’s. They are exactly the same. Plus the copycat has it out for android as well. You should probably complain or something.

  4. Split82 says:

    Actually I’m trying to take it off the stores. Hopefully I will succeed.

  5. PapyGaragos says:

    This is unfortunate; but you are not the only one in this situation. I have seen similar stories of gamejam entries used without permission multiple time.

    At least your game was posted on a platform where you can take action : after I found my LD23 entry on 2 different websites, I contacted them but got no answer, and my game is still there. ( and

    So yeah… this does not exactly follow the rules; but i don’t post sources since LD23 (and I also check the url at the start of my game)

  6. Split82 says:

    Good point. I might stop posting source code too.

  7. One of the reasons I don’t do public jams any more, particularly ones that require source submissions.

    Not that that should dissuade anyone from joining an LD, just to be aware & maybe immediately publish to mobile if you have the means.

  8. As far as I understand the rules you can do the Jam and not post source. But I still think it is such a potential good to post the source, or at least part of it. I know I’ve been sloppy with my last games here, but they’ve been such a mess that the source would not be much of a use for anyone. But, to take Unity as an example, if I was to build a few classes that handled scoring, scoreboard and such in a nice and re-usable way. And if I had no intention of selling it on Unity’s Asset Store. Then the potential helpfulness to my fellow LDs would be a strong argument for me putting it up here. Wouldn’t it? In this case you could well put up the most interesting parts of the code, or have a twitter link or similar for people to contact you if they are interested. Thus you could vet the requester for their previous LD things to be more sure about how your source would be used. And if someone grabs a part or two, it would still be so much work to make a full game again that I think they then could validly claim it was theirs.

    Even more so. To me LD is far from just making games, and far from only being about learning how code better games. It is part of the free software and free culture on the internet movement.

    So I really hope to see you all next at the LD, because I think LD is very important.

  9. qubodup says:

    Increasingly common problem in open source game projects. See following thread for a transparent report on how SuperTuxKart’s infringing scam-clones were taken down from Android/Apple stores:

  10. Tork says:

    I came here because I remember talking to a guy that did this on LD 27 thinking it would be you.

    In the end I saw that it was someone diferent (I mean, you did it for 26) and all I can say is that the idea is not really new or original. If it is the exact same game you should ask them to take it down but I don’t think it is a million dollar idea

    Here the entry of LD 27 I was thinking about

  11. Split82 says:

    I’ve never said the idea is original. The idea is simple and anyone can come up with it.

    The problem was that the copy was exactly my game. By exactly I mean 99% the same. He just changed highscore font to italic, changed colors a little bit and add menu. If someone develops it from the scratch I’m ok with it, even if it looks quite similar.

    I guess that guy who made cubic run probably saw my entry too, but the graphics are original, also there are some new elements and it feels a little bit different. I have no problem with that. Still would love to know if he used any of my code. If he does it’s totally fine! That’s why we are doing Ludum dare. People can learn from your code, and maybe use few parts for their own games.

    But stealing the whole project is absolutely not ok.

  12. pighead10 says:

    Solution: make everything in C++, then let them try and port it 😀

    Seriously, though, that sucks, although it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it taken down again. I’ve no idea how valid what I’m about to say is, but perhaps consider adding a license in the game and source code to give yourself some protection.

  13. LegacyCrono says:

    Man, that really sucks, hope you can get this sorted out. Good luck!
    Oh, looks like this is the guy:

  14. Split82 says:

    At the end the guy removed the game from the app store and from google play. Happy ending I guess.

  15. ratking says:

    BTW, if your game is a Unity game, keep in mind that rule #6 of Ludum Dare says “Source code must be included.”, not the whole project. So if you only include your scripts (but not your graphics, sounds, scenes, prefabs and settings), you’re good to go, and people have a harder time to recreate your game.

  16. ellinan8 says:

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