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January 29th, 2014 5:59 am

In the past 8 weeks me and my team mates have been working on the game: Esperden.
Esperden is a story driven game, that takes place in a world between life and the afterlife.
The trailer can be found on youtube. If you click the screenshot below you head there directly to the trailer.

In-Game Footage

If there is enough interest we might try to go for a release.

– Roy Schröder (Level editor/Importer/Controls/Audio/Gamelogic/Voice acting/Planning)
– Maikel Oelen (Shaders/Rendering/Gamelogic/Progression/HUD)
– Conner Sampson (Menu/Audio)
– Niels van Asperen (Collision detection/Documentation)

– Peter Vrieling (Models/Textures/Level design/Voice acting/2D/Planning)
– Rihards Valters (Models/Textures/ Level design)
– Alhric Ademus ( Story/Models/Documentation/ Voice acting/ Level design/Research)
– Christian Calin( Audio/Voice acting)

Engine: Micro Game Engine (c++)
Models:  Maya
LevelEditor: Unity 3D




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  1. You are able to insert youtube videos directly into your post by copy&pasting the videos url 😉

  2. Therrato says:

    Thanks a lot, when i clicked preview it didnt show, so i tried too link it through the pictures.

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