Hungry Hubert now on Steam Greenlight

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January 17th, 2014 5:32 pm

Hungry Hubert Alpha 3

Hungry Hubert is a fast paced action platformer that was first made for the Ludum Dare #26 competition. It was named The Parasite and it got good reviews and i was quite happy with the result. I now finally have some time to make it into a full game.

You can check out the ludum dare page here:

It would mean the world to me if you could take your time and download the free alpha version and give me some feedback :)

You can download the game at

I would also be very happy if you could spend a few extra seconds and check out my greenlight page and perhaps put a vote for me :)

Link to Greenlight page

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  1. I played the game a bit and I like the structure and the idea but some comments:

    * It felt a bit empty without music, both in the menu and on the levels
    * I tried to play directly without the tutorial, and that was sort of impossible so maybe check PlayerPrefs for if player is first time and send to the tutorial anyhow and add a skip tutorial button on the tutorial.
    * When I died on the tutorial I would have liked to stay on that specific part of the tutorial. I ended up somewhere completely different (it was at first encounter with enemy).
    * I also think the game is much too hard from start, first couple of levels should be easy to complete for everyone so that one can accustom oneself to the eating of ground and spitting. In other words, hunger should maybe progress slower in the first couple of levels.

    A potential suggestion:

    When I saw the title I was thinking it would be awesome to have a game where you would eat things you shouldn’t if you are too hungry. Maybe that could be an interesting mechanic to incorporate at later stages.

    So that was a bunch of things I thought about. So hope that doesn’t sound negative because I think you have a really good concept, tight controls, clean, well developed graphics, and nice extra effects!

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