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January 12th, 2014 6:44 pm


I didn’t have a lot of time this weekend but after seeing people progress on irc saturday night (especially rxi and bitslap *drool*) i wanted to give it a shot anyways. Since i only got around 24 hours left i settled on a dialog text adventure. Also i wanted to make a narrative based game for quite a while.

As usual i made my entry using C#. Overriding paint events of pictureboxes to render text in a custom fashion, being annoyed by unprecise measuretext methods leaving behind ugly spaces were all part of this. But generally it worked fine. I spend a few hours working on the parser/backend. It is a simple token driven script or markup language.

And it is modable! 😀

Texty text

Texty text


#narration This text will be describtive about the character you're talking to. Also the Narrator has to exist. it is the fallback 'person' when you end a dialog. the #narration keyword is mandatory, but will be ignored for the Narrator.
#intro The "hello" text of the character. #intro is a [keyword]
#keyword is a reply to a keyword determined in [brackets]
#brackets Keywords in brackets will automatically be added as soon as you read them. You can also learn of [persons] that way.
#persons will be identified by (Paran Thesis). To talk to another person, you have to [end] the conversation.
#end will end the conversation

:Paran Thesis
#narration She has an round body and is generally nice and [helpful].
#intro Hello there, what can i do for you?
#helpful Do you want some [food] or [drinks]?
#food Here, have some pie!
#drinks Have a beer!
#end Goodbye.

Open the “Dialog” file residing next to the .exe in a texteditor and paste the markup text above (play the game before that if you don’t want to get spoiled) and create your own dialog adventure! 😀

3 things though:
1. remember that #narration, #intro and #end are mandatory keywords.
2. remember that every keyword needs text
3. the win/end condition is currently hardcoded, so sorry about that, but feel free to look at the source :)

Furthermore, if you are interested in more features like conditional replies (yes/no), location based persons/traveling, character-bound keywords and possibly more puzzle features, leave a comment or come discuss in irc or twitter.

Lastly, there is no error handling as of yet, so if your script doesn’t work, the .exe will just crash.

Have fun adventuring! And paste your own adventures aswell 😀


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