MiniLD #48 Spy Lad

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January 12th, 2014 3:24 pm



First Jam that me and my friend have done together (His first jam ever and my second)

This is our attempt. It is a spy thriller in which you infiltrate a supervillain’s volcano base and stop his evil scheme!

It is somewhat unfinished and I think we may have been a little ambitious with what we wanted to do, stuff like the animation took way to long and its still very rough.

It’s very much WIP but give it a go!


Movement – Left and Right Arrow Keys
Jump – Up Arrow
Open Grate – Down Arrow
Crouch Toggle – C
Judo Chop – Space
Hide In Shadows – Hold F
Open Doors and Activate Checkpoints – Enter


– Infiltrate the base and get to the level exit
– Avoid guards and lasers
– Judo Chop guards to disable if needed
– Use the shadowy doorways to hide in
– Some doors need a keycard
– Hit enter on the red terminals to set as active checkpoint



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