Mini Ludum Dare 48: Day Two Devlog

January 12th, 2014 10:30 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to day Two of my Ludum Dare Game Development. This is for Mini Ludum Dare 48. I am developing a game called Death Plot. You can read about it here. Anyway, today (Technically yesterday, I am writing it a day late.) was a very unproductive day. Today was the first day that I had Sebastian Benjamin in the room with me, and we both did awful. All I managed to do is as follows:

  • I streamed on my Twitch Channel (uploaded to YouTube now (or soon, depending on when you read this))
  • I re-implemented GameStateManagement, because the previous implementation was very bad. It was far too complex, and was creating way too many bugs. I decided to use a simpler Enum and Switch based one.
  • I fixed and introduced various bugs
  • I implemented a very buggy version of player bullets. Now one of the players shoots, but it is in the wrong start position, and goes the wrong direction.

I can tell you, seeing as I am writing this Day two blog on Day three, that things go much better on day three.
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