A suggestion for the Competition Tips

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January 12th, 2014 5:04 am

The amount of games with only WASD keys to move is too damn high ! ^^

I suggest to add this in the competition tips : “Some persons have QWERTY keyboard and others have¬†AZERTY keyboard. So let the player choose his own keys to move or just set W AND Z to move forward, A AND Q to move to the left, S to move back, D to move to the right. Or, use the directional keys.”

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4 Responses to “A suggestion for the Competition Tips”

  1. OhFiddleDiddle says:

    Do Unity’s “Horizontal” and “Vertical” inputs account for AZERTY keyboards?

  2. yoanndeplo says:

    Yes, with unity there isn’t any problem.

  3. bigosaur says:

    Best to make it configurable. For example, I have QWERTZ keyboard, similar to regular US keyboard with Y and Z swapped.

  4. yoanndeplo says:

    Well… I didn’t knew that there were QWERTZ keyboards ^^ So, the best way is definitely to let the player choose the keys.

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