January 12th, 2014 10:33 pm

Note: Sebastian’s Perspective of Day 1, 2, and 3.

For roughly the last 6 hours, me and Xeon have been hacking and badly programming our way through Death Plot for LD47.

A few statistics-
I’ve made-

-1 song, not including the one I made yesterday

-3 sound effects

-10 sprites/icons

-1 score system
Now, the score system *was* going to be based off of a float = GameTime kind of setup, but it was lagging the game and causing all kinds of strange issues with explicit casting. In the end, I decided to axe that system in favor of an int that += 1 every frame, because it didn’t lag out and break everything.
I forgot what caused me to do the math on the issues with ints and casting to longs, but here it is-
You can play the game for

2,147,483,647  frames,

71582788.2333 seconds,

1193046.47056 minutes,

19884.1078427 hours,

828.504493446 days,

118.357784778 weeks,

and 2.26987532451 years, before it crashes due to the number being larger than the int can hold (on a 32 bit system).

Meanwhile, Xeon’s been hard at work fixing all the bugs in the universe, and is even now swearing under his breath at the monitor.
The game is in it’s final stretches, and all that’s left to implement are the enemies and extra features such as an options menu.

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