I just caught my housemate who made the pixel art for Rude Bear Resurrection playing the game again, and he told me, “I was just thinking about how good a game it is, and how it’d be awesome if we’d implemented all the features we wanted”.

I’m not promising anything, but.. I really want to do this right now. Here’s a list of features we wanted to implement:


The village would above Rude Bear’s grave, to the left of the tower. It would contain a bunch of NPCs who demand sidequests to be complete within the tower, which allow shortcuts and unlock things that help you advance.

Training Area

There was originally going to be a section on the left where you could practise walljumps and beat nonlethal obstacles. A large assault course, essentially. And at the very top, there was going to be a hermit who wanted you to collect hidden Wizard statues from crevices in the castle.

Winner’s Statue

The winner was going to get a statue in front of the tower dedicated to them.


After dying, you were going to leave your body and be able to fly around the tower.


We wanted an ingame IM system that ghosts could use to speak to people, we were going to make a graveyard where you could talk to other bears, and read the messages of the deceased before you entered the tower for tips.

Winner can deactivate switches

The winner would spawn at the end of the game and be able to work their way back, closing the shortcut switches, thus safeguarding their reign.


Winners would be able to transmute into enemies that Rude Bear could fight, possibly place traps.

Real Time Network Play

HOLY SHIT, RIGHT? Dunno if this is possible.

Tower Destruction

Through completing quests for the hermit, you would be able to get the ultimate Super Saiyan power that’d allow you to do something I won’t reveal here, but it would allow you to completely destroy the tower.

Randomly generated towers

There’d be randomly generated towers that are around until someone destroys it.

Daily Tower

One tower would be the Daily Tower that could only be completed once.

Expanded Narrative

Speaks for itself.

Dynamic Soundtrack

The music would be layered, and the different layers would activate/deactivate depending on the threat level.

Elaboration on the Rude Bear Timeline

The Rude Bear timeline is something that exists. It contains things like “The Hero is Successful timeline” and “The Hero is Unsuccessful timeline”, the Polite timeline, the dream timeline, the deranged timeline etc.

We know about it, but we never told it to anyone else. It’s time people learned just what Rude Bear’s deal is.

A proper GUI, tweaked physics, controller support, and tidied up world

Better water

More puzzle types, potentially moveable objects, powers, equips

SFX and more/better music.

More bosses, cameos from monsters from previous Rude Bear games etc.


That’s essentially it. If you think something is really a bad idea (or a really good idea I guess), it’d help to get some feedback.




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