Bab Bricks got more Juice

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January 11th, 2014 6:51 pm

Yesterday there was little to show.

Today, the basic mechanics feel quite complete so I’ve had a great time experimenting and adding effects.

All fonts and several assets are still just placeholders, but that shouldn’t be too demanding to fix tomorrow.

I’ve done a main menu and a tutorial level. As a happy accident, the bricks I was painting the menu terrain with happened to swim all by themselves. They are obviously up to no good, but I think it worked great.

And though the surroundings to the brick wall is still to be replaced, I’m very happy with that brick shattering and the tweening when new bricks are shoved into their right place:

The skip button for the tutorial is in place (upper left). Don’t forget skip buttons if you have intros or tutorials!

It will appear on the levels too after the player has attempted some few trimes.

The main obstacle is I won’t have time to work for half of tomorrow and to make a decent first level at least, I would need to make 3D assets (windows, doors, and whatnot).
We’ll see how it goes. Worst case scenario, I can put the bricks in new patterns and have the levels work by adjusting the amount of usurpers and rate of conspiracy.

Almost keeping the schedule I’ve set for myself so far. For tomorrow there are still many thing but those with low priority could probably be regarded as a wishlist.

I, must say, I’m having very much fun. Fourth game development in Unity and the rocks I hit are definitely more spaced out and softer.

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