Results and in for the MiniLD!

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January 9th, 2014 2:19 pm

So, another LD has come gone and as usual there are trails of interesting feedback on the road. Let’s see how Synesthesia went.










Woah, that’s something I would have never expected: top 25 for Innovation? I knew the idea was very interesting but I would have never expected to go so high! Thanks to everyone!

Ok so let’s see in detail. It looks like what other fellow Ludum Darers appreciated the most was the basic idea. That’s encouraging, since I’m planning to expand further on the game. It really got butchered out of time caresty so it bugs me that the original idea hasn’t come out as much as I expected. It shows on the Overall and Fun category since it should have felt more of a demo than a complete game (even though a 3 star average is still amazing in my eyes).

This fact, combined with the lot of enthusiastic comments about a post compo version really geared me up towards making a longer and better version (and over everything, portable). I couldn’t work on it in these weeks because I had to finish another game based on a game I made in LD27 (it’s out gladly, so you can get it for free here if you are curious), but I’m definately going to work on it after the MiniLD this weekend, so stay tuned for some update.

I’m especially glad that people liked the mood of the game, since it was my main focus besides gameplay.

On the bottom we have, not surpisingly, graphics and… Humor? Two stars in humor? For some reason people think Synesthesia is more humorous than half of the games in the jam! I’m flattered but I can’t seem to see any humor in this small demo. Oh well.

Okay, so let’s talk about this miniLD that is about to start. I’ve never partecipated in a miniLD but since the rules are much more relaxed I’m pretty confident of creating something worthwile. Let’s see the tools I’m going to use:

  • Language: JavaScript (HTML5 canvas)
    This is the first time I have ever dabbled into developing something for the web. I’m starting to get used to the language in this period and I really like it, it feels like a web oriented version of Lua which is always a good (and the C like syntax is something I feel more comfortable with). Also, portability and simplicity of use is never a bad thing. I’ve done a few simple projects and besides dome problems with asynchronous loading it looks like it’s working great, so I’m really excited to create a game in it.
  • Graphics: Gimp, Inkscape
  • Audio: REAPER with the amazing sounding Synth1, as usual, bfxr
  • Editor: Emacs

Ok, this looks like everything for now. Looking foward to this weekend!

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