LD Needs Optional Rating Categories

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January 9th, 2014 11:31 am

I was looking at the ratings for my game.



Don’t get me wrong; I’m not disappointed with these numbers at all, considering how simple my game is. However, I’m surprised by a few of these numbers, especially Humor.

Given I am 776th place in Humor, that makes my game “more humorous” than over half of the entries in Ludum Dare 28 (assuming over 2000+ entries). But my game has no humor in it at all; it was not an intended focus.

So one of my questions is: how did my game rate so high in Humor when it didn’t have any? My other question is: would it be possible in the future for Ludum Dare to have certain categories, like Humor, be optional? Like for example, I want to be able to disable Humor for any game I make that doesn’t have any humor in it. Same with audio, etc.

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  1. First off your rank is within your category of submission (compo or jam). So you are #776 out of #1010, still it puts 25% of the compo entries after you. If you look at the star-value for your humor rating it is actually your lowest score in terms of stars. To some extent this could imply that there are many non-humorous games. Which is probably partially true. However part of it is that people don’t think that the categories are optional when voting, which indeed they are. You can, as I think you should, skip voting for audio if the game has none (alternatively maybe you should vote 1 because many will think they have to give a vote on all categories and some will sloppily give 3s to most things). In that sense, in part, I would agree with you. But I would say that its simply a graphical thing. There could be a N/A button that you can click instead of the stars. Voting system is fine as it is.

    And as I hinted, the same goes for your audio position.

    • Jishenaz says:

      Oops. I forgot that the Compo and Jam are separate events. The number results seem a bit more reasonable after considering all compo entries total to about a thousand.

      I am actually aware of the N/A option when voting. I feel that people might not completely understand that option because it’s not clickable. Nothing happens if you click the N/A star. I think Ludum Dare can at least fix that, so that people can place a Not Applicable vote with visual feedback saying that they don’t think a certain category is applicable.

  2. ahm99 says:

    Believe me it gets worse. I once made a game that I thought had decent graphics. After it ended, I was playing a game when I suddenly realized that it had placed better than I did in the “graphics” category. Nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that it was a text adventure!

    • Jishenaz says:

      Text adventures are kind of tricky. On the one hand, a text-only interface can be considered a graphical style of its own. One the other hand, their lack of rendered images might prevent them from being considered graphical at all.

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