It’s statistics time

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January 7th, 2014 9:45 am

Even if I couldn’t participate in LD this time, it doesn’t mean I’m breaking my (short) tradition of statistics.
Here be spreadsheets of rankings, scores and percentiles*


Compo(CSV) – 1010 Rated Games
Jam(CSV)– 556 Rated Games

Graphs might follow if I’ll have interesting ideas (suggestions in the comments are welcome).

* When you divide your position by 1284 you include 274 games that haven’t received any ratings at all, giving you a brighter look at reality. Moreover near the mean score there are quite a lot of ties, the position you have on your page is the top of the tie range (should be middle for calculating percentiles) which can brighten your day even further.

Congratulations to the winners! (everyone who learned something new from participating).


5 Responses to “It’s statistics time”

  1. Atmospherium says:

    Thanks for putting this together. One request: could you lock the first row to the top of the screen so it’s easier to understand what information we’re looking at as we look down the list?

  2. tanks for the great service… was thinking of scraping the data I could get from the pages but this is way better.

  3. drludos says:

    Thanks for these data, they are wonderful!

    I find the percent stats really interesting for each game, and maybe a cool addition to game scores: instead of looking your ranking (or in addition to it), you can now look how much % of the highest mark your game received, which is kinda nicer.

    For example, a game could be ranked 250th, and yet be around 85% of the overall or something like that, which I personally find more helpful of how much players liked your game or not when you’re not in the top 100! :)

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