At the beginning of this jam I said:

So what this really means is, the next Rude Bear game has to be even better.

And that scares me.


Rude Bear Resurrection Response

Thanks so much everyone!

All this means is.. the next Rude Bear game must be even greater.

Some fun stats:
1878 Rude Bears have fallen in the castle so far.
51 Rude Bears died on Christmas.
9 people have completed the castle.

This picture contains all the bears that died so far. Click it to see it in full:
Rude Bear Resurrection's Map

My personal favourite dead bear quotes:

  • “how emBEARassing”
  • “My only regret is dying”
  • “the other corpses totally suck”
  • “tell my wife I love her”
  • “there better be a hot princess”
  • “blarrrgggg I am BEAR”
  • “your mum died here”

Top Excuses:

  • “I blame the FBI”
  • “I wasnt meant 2 dye like dis lag caused i”
  • “it was on purpose”
  • “I died for your sins”

Best rage:

  • “get out of the fucking way bears”
  • “this is some supreme garbage”
  • “I hate this game and what it has done”

Top incites:

  • “that wasnt the healing beam”
  • “so thats where all the bodies came from”
  • “thefairyisstilltalking”
  • “So jumping off the cliff is suicide”
  • ” so much for teamwork”

Best trolling:

  • “careful going up spikes on the left” (the spikes are on the right)
  • “careful with the spikes on the left”
  • “spikes on the left”
  • “Spikes on the left”
  • “spikes on this side”
  • “cluttering up yo halls messing shit up”

Most repeated quote:

  • “LOL” (28)
  • “NO” (26)
  • “Oops” (24)
  • “Ouch” (22)
  • “k” (21)
  • “FUCK” (19)
  • “Oh” (11)
  • “ugh” (9)
  • “WHAT” (9)
  • “argh” (8)
  • “shit” (8)
  • “AH” (7)
  • “DAMN” (7)
  • “ok” (7)
  • “Whoops” (7)
  • “wtf” (7)
  • “platform” (6)
  • “Youre welcome” (5)
  • “ALMOST” (5)
  • “Oh no” (5)
  • “haha” (5)
  • “spikes” (5)
  • “yolo” (5)

Longest coherent quotes entered by multiple people:

  • “use me as a platform” (3)
  • “ITS A TRAP” (3)


  • “NOO” (6)
  • “NOOO” (6)
  • “NOOOO” (4)
  • “NOOOOO” (5)
  • “NOOOOOO” (4)
  • “NOOOOOOO” (2)
  • “NOOOOOOO0” (3)

Quotes starting with “Fuck”:

  • “fuck a duck”
  • “fuck bears”
  • “fuck da h8ers”
  • “Fuck dem stairs”
  • “Fuck everything”
  • “fuck it anyway”
  • “fuck me to death”
  • “Fuck my life”
  • “fuck skulls”
  • “fuck that”
  • “fuck the bears”
  • “Fuck this game”
  • “Fuck this shitty slippery control game”
  • “fuck walls”
  • “fuck you”
  • “fuck you alex rose”

And here’s the dead bear count over the first few days:
Rude Bear Resurrection Corpse GraphAnd here’s the music, incidentally (though I threw it together in 20 minutes while eating McDonalds on day 3, and it shows):


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. And for those who haven’t played yet, here’s the link! Cheers everyone!

My twitter.

Ant (pixel artist)’s twitter.

Postmortem: (LD48 | My Blog | Gamasutra | Indiegames)

Indiestatik, Indiehaven, and most importantly, SonnyBone‘s Rad Game Roundup.

4 Responses to “First place in innovation for the jam! Thanks so much guys!”

  1. Patacorow says:

    “how emBEARassing”, “get out of the fucking way bears”, “so thats where all the bodies came from” are all mine 😀

  2. SonnyBone says:

    I also left many of those quotes.

    This is a seriously awesome collection of stats and data. I LOOOOVE seeing this stuff!

    And I totally knew you could do it, man. Rude Bear TRIUMPH!

    So if another Rude Bear game comes along, it totally has to be about his meteoric fall to the bottom after rising to the top of the game world.

    • Alex Rose says:

      Thanks a lot, man, especially for your support.

      I couldn’t have made it without you!

      Seriously, if you hadn’t done your Rad Game Roundup in Ludum Dare 25 I would’ve never used Rude Bear again.

      The Wizard wouldn’t have been invented in Rude Bear Rising. With no persistent protagonist, Rude Bear Radio would’ve felt like a ripoff, and the “Radio” idea only came around because we were thinking of “RBR” words.

      Without “The Timeline” (which we haven’t actually told anyone), the ideas like going Super Saiyan on the roof etc. would’ve never happened, plus there would be no wizard, no fairy, no bear, no narrative. There probably wouldn’t have been a tower. In fact, the game would probably have been about corrupting other people’s game world rather than one tower.

      Like, without you, Rude Bear would be nothing, and I may well have come up with 3 bad ideas or ones that didn’t push me because I wasn’t running by the idea of “Let’s make a game that puts Rude Bear in a completely different situation”.

      semper dilectum Ludum Datorem mei eris.

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