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An encounter with the LD28 winner

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January 7th, 2014 6:17 am

15:00 < Jiggawatt> I liked the old Sheepolution better
15:01 < bitslap> so much feel
15:01 < Jiggawatt> Not this fame-dazzled abomination
15:01 < Sheepolution> What did I say wrong?! T-T
15:01 < bitslap> very heart
15:01 < Jiggawatt> Look what’s happened to you man
15:01 < Jiggawatt> We used to be friends
15:01 < Sheepolution> Am I unaware of how much this victory is changing me?
15:01 < Jiggawatt> Now you’re dumping me for some cocaine and ladies
15:01 < bitslap> i am dumping cocaine on your laides
15:02 < Jiggawatt> When we were kids, you were like “let’s make games together forever, aniki!”
15:02 < Jiggawatt> And now there’s no room for Jigga in the limo
15:02 < [popogames]nopogo> just fell asleep on my keyboard
15:03 < [popogames]nopogo> woke up at a perfect time i see
15:03 < Sheepolution> Jigga, listen to me. I want you to promise me something.
15:03 < Sheepolution> Please.. please do this for me.
15:03 < Sheepolution> If I ever touch any lady or cocaine again.
15:03 < Sheepolution> Will you kill me?
15:03 < Sheepolution> I.. I don’t want to hurt people like you any longer!
15:03 < Jiggawatt> Now there’s a promise I can keep
15:03 < Jiggawatt> C’mere bro
15:03  * Jiggawatt MANHUG
15:04  * Sheepolution HUG
15:04  * bitslap shits a brick
15:04 < Jiggawatt> (slow-motion footage)
15:04 < Jiggawatt> (cheesy emotional music)
15:05 < [popogames]nopogo> im waiting for the knife in the back hug move
15:05 < Jiggawatt> Wait what
15:05 < Jiggawatt> Where’d he go
15:05  * Sheepolution sniffs
15:05 < Jiggawatt> Suddenly I’m hugging a bag of rice
15:06 < Jiggawatt> GODDAMMIT
15:06 < Jiggawatt> He’s over there with the ladies again
15:06 < [popogames]nopogo> classic
15:06 < Sheepolution> OH SHIT
15:06 < [popogames]nopogo> clearly sniffing coke
15:06 < Sheepolution> These are just.. fans! Ludum Dare fans
15:06 < Sheepolution> OH SHIT
15:06 < Sheepolution> With bags of sugar!
15:07  * Jiggawatt MANSTAB
15:08 < Jiggawatt> Well… looks like there’s room for Jigga in the limo!
15:08 < Jiggawatt> (laugh track)
15:08 < Jiggawatt> (credits roll)

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3 Responses to “An encounter with the LD28 winner”

  1. Sheepolution says:

    I can confirm that this is is based on a real story.

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