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January 6th, 2014 11:37 am

It’s maybe too late but I feel like I’m missing something if I don’t write a post mortem for my first LD entry – Tough. Post mortem is a kind of new term for me when I join this community, hope that I can make it correctly. I will prepare timelapse for my next LD entry too.

Joining this LD was an awesome experience for me. I didn’t like this theme. I think it’s too wide because most games can be explained that they fit the theme. But in the end, I think this theme worked out pretty well. A lot of games did take on this theme with their very innovative ways.

What went well:
– Finished the game in time. It’s the best thing since making this game was a new challenge for me.
– Picked a simple idea and built a game around it: a platformer with unexpected ending. Everything was in a reasonable scope for my first game jam.
– Did follow the theme and made a good twist: You only get one life, but the goal is not to keep it.
– Had a fun first day making the game. Even though I were working on the game until 6am of the next day, I felt no stress.
– Learned the first game framework engine (Phaser). I’m just a web developer and a gamer. This was a very motivative way to help me become a game maker too :).

What went wrong:
– Too much time lost on making assets. But in the end, it’s still completely not as I imagined on my head. I intended to make a Franstenken-like character and some brutal wolves.
– Did not use the remaining time to polish up the game.
– The fun was hidden because of the vague gameplay.
– No sounds or music either.
– Did not pay enough attention to the rules. I were using assets of Phaser framework for some background of the game. I felt really bad about this and replaced them all one week later.
– With the lack of experience with basic game design and game framework usage, I got some troubles with the camera, didn’t know how to use tile map, failed to make an endless map generation and made a lot of hacky things.
– The source code of the game was really bad base on my own standards.

What is next:
I’m satisfied with this game. I hope it will be a good starting point for me. I will stay with this idea and make it a clearer goal and a smaller map. The mechanic will be the simplest one for platformer so I can try to create a same game with a lot of game frameworks quickly. And of course, this game is an open source project.


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  1. goerp says:

    The character sprites may not have turned out how you wanted them to be, but they looked nice, nonetheless!

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