My Top Six: Weird Edition!

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January 6th, 2014 11:22 am

Here are my personal favorites that I think were successful in being weird, different, interesting, and/or experimental in nature. All hail absurdity!

These are in no particular order! Play and rate them all before the time runs out!


X. Da’ Face – Snail_Man

A short experimental game with amazingly eerie music that literally falls apart as the game progresses. The dialogue is great and the sprite “trailing” effect is icing on the cake in terms of presenting the game as fantastically jenky. It’s short and it’s weird, just play it! You don’t have much time!


X. Give Me A Hand – Sink


This game had a really clever use of the theme: you only get one hand! The game can be played in many different ways depending on which hand you choose each time. The music is simple and to the point, it works well with the short length of the game. In addition to that, your health meter moves around a bit, it’s almost like your hearts are gettin’ jiggy to the beat! Super fun and silly! Also something about the color palette really jives with me. Play it now!


X. CUOP DO SACI – leparlon

It’s like QWOP but with one leg and hand-made art! Also based on Brazilian folklore (if the first sentence wasn’t convincing enough). I think that’s all that needs to be said, this is awesome so play it!


X. superfrozenkittengetsonlyonesecretbottleforyou – evilindiegames

Wow, I probably played this game longer than I should have, but my eyes feel fine so I think I’ll be okay! Fisheye + sweet color palette + kitty people seems like a good formula to me. You have to collect secret bottles so you don’t freeze! This game is pretty surreal, after playing it for a bit I realized that I am the only kitten moving around collecting these bottles: am I the last surviving kitty in a world of frozen cats that weren’t fast enough to keep collecting the bottles? Kinda depressing and creep. The music is catchy as well (I didn’t get bored of it after it looped a lot). I would also like to giveĀ  special kudos to the creator for for one upping our 1GAM idea of using all three themes: not only did they use the LD theme, they incorporated all three themes from the other gamejam! Awesome! Play it!


X. You Only Get 1! – Danman9914

A “game show-like” game where you must choose one item to use in several different scenarios. This game gets better the more you play it because you slowly learn which items work well with what scenarios! I Love all the pink! A fun and goofy game, you should play before it’s all over!


X. Cat Gentlemans Play: Insult Spinner 10 Cents – RobotLovesKitty

A two-player game (that is also fun as a one-player game)! Slap each other, trade insults, and duel! You better go play it, time is running out!


I am sure that there are a plethora of fantastic games that I either forgot to mention or didn’t get around to playing, so I apologize for all of the great absurdity that I missed and failed to mention! For those I did manage to play, I will be awarding them with my “Keepin’ it Weird” trophy!






5 Responses to “My Top Six: Weird Edition!”

  1. Benjamin says:

    If you like weird entries you should also have a look at Cherry Candy Raep Gaiden.

  2. teuchito says:

    That last image is screamer/creepypasta material.

  3. mohammad says:

    Could i have a “keepin it weird award?”
    Not trying to force my content down anyone throats, just never got it uploaded in time until now.

  4. mohammad says:

    Sorry I never got i finished, it would have been better if I did, but although its half-done, it still would’ve been a random game for the ages. Maybe one day it’ll see the light of day. For now though I would select the sword to use, its the only finished one.

  5. mohammad says:

    Also use space to shoot shurikens. (“Ninja stars”)

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