Golden Hamster: You only get 1 wish

January 6th, 2014 1:49 pm

Play – Golden Hamster

We are glad and proud to finally post our game here.
We had a hard work on this game, but it was enjoyable and worthy.

What we’ve learned
So we’ve learned quite a lot since it is our first ludum dare game.
The quite obvious thing is that we learned to manage our time much better,
since we had much less time than we normally do.
and we certainly didn’t manage it well, but next time we sure will, or at least better than this time.

Also, we learned to make music(mostly with the software sunvox and bfxr),
it was quite fun, and I hope that you like the results.

About the game

It took us way more time than what it should to come up with the idea.
But at the end we have compromised about something that both of us
liked enough.

As we saw in the comments, some haven’t understood how the idea
is related to the theme, in short the theme is
“You Only Get One”
So we tohught about “You only get one wish”,
and the first thing that pop up in our mind,
is golden fish, but it was too banaly, so the best replacemt for
fish is obviously an hamster.
And as you would see in the game, every end of wave
the golden hamster will give only one wish.

The progress and the team
We are a team of three people who worked quite a lot together, but one of us couldn’t practicate(the designer) so we
practicated without him. It made us change the structure of the team and how we worked,
because Rom is usually the main programmer, and now he did relatively
less programming so he would have time to design.
By the end, it was a fun experiement, and we are proud of the results.

Rom – did all the painting and the design, and part of the programming.
You can see his blog here:
Tom – did most of the programming, and most of the sounds.

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