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January 2nd, 2014 2:50 pm

Hey, so I’m new here, and thinking of joining the next ludum dare (ive been playing the games and reading posts for a while now, without an account), and I was just wondering why there are so many strange spam posts, and if there has been anything attempted to fix it (all the stuff that makes no sense about north-face jackets and such), thanks, and i don’t mean to just barge in and say the site isn’t good, I love reading peoples devlogs and tips, i just wondered,



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  1. PoV says:

    Yeah, I have wordpress plugins running that are supposed to stop robots from registering (plugins were just updated today). Regrettably though, not all spammers are robots (at least not the logging and registering part):

    Any that do make in through have to be killed by hand though. I have another plugin installed that makes removing spammers easier, but it really only shows whats on our front page. Anything in the archive is harder to get to.

    It is a problem yes. It’s a problem for the whole internet though.

    • NicoM says:

      Thanks, its not really that bad, I just wondered, (the stuff that gets posted is pretty weird), anyway thanks for the info:)

    • laaph says:

      While I’m certain it’s insane to give everyone delete privileges, I must admit that I logged in to see if I could delete them or mark them in any way. Are you the only one who gets to kill them by hand or do you have a team of moderators?

      This is the first time I’ve actually seen it on the front page. However, I have seen it in the RSS feed many times, but by the time I go to look at the front page they are usually gone.

      Thank you for running everything, PoV! I really appreciate the work you put in to keeping the community alive. Thank you to all the other admins too!

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