Postmortem – You Only Get Juan – Jam Entry

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December 31st, 2013 3:22 pm

Postmortem – You Only Get Juan – Jam Entry


Massive Explosions! Full 7.1 THX Sound Surround! Sexy Characters!

…our LD28 entry didn’t actually contain any of these things, but we still had fun making it. Our team consisted of Ludum Dare newbies (first LD for one member, second LD for the other two) and despite having to work around a couple of christmas parties, our entry turned out pretty good.

Juan Track Mind

Our group of local game devs all met up at a nearby Starbucks just prior to the start of LD48, and from there smaller groups were formed as the theme was announced. While brainstorming concepts related to the theme, @craigpfau came up with the title ‘You Only Get Juan‘ while the mechanics and story by @JackTai_ and myself followed suit.

What Went Right

To make the most of the theme (and not just rely on the ‘Juan’ pun) the game mechanics all revolved around the theme of ‘you only get one’. The game mechanics matched this theme in three ways:

  • Juan is the only character that the player is allowed to ‘catch’ for points
  • The Juan Direction bus used to get Juan can only move in one direction (to the right)
  • You only get one shield charge (used to deflect ‘non-Juans’ away from the bus) per Juan caught

The use of the theme to direct multiple aspects of the game mechanics is something we are quite proud of.

What Went Wrong

Time was a major factor (as with each Ludum Dare I suppose!). However, with everyone having Christmas parties and other social functions that same weekend, time was more limited than ever. Most of the work got done on the Friday night and Monday morning (at least on the programming side). There were some glitches that certainly would have been worked out if the full weekend could have been dedicated to our entry.

Another issue was the use of GameSalad as the engine. While GameSalad made it very easy to prototype the game Friday night, exporting to HTML5 from GameSalad leaves something to be desired. The game had multiple different issues across browsers, specifically sound being intermittent or non-existent, text displaying improperly, and general physics nuisances. In the end the game seemed to work best on Chrome, but unfortunately it still did not quite run as intended.


Another Ludum Dare down and another good time had. Happy New Year Everyone and see you in April.

Russ, @EvilObjective

edit: You can play/rate it here:

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