After the LD 28 I was very busy with my educational projects, so I’m gonna use some free time to share some thoughts about this compo with you. (compo version of the game lives here) For those who won’t read the post – android mobile version is here


It was my first Ludum Dare to participate in and I was very excited to be a part of this event. I’d like to start with what went wrong.

What went wrong

The day this compo began I had to spend almost all day at the university as there was an exam for me to pass. At first I even thought that I won’t be able to create a game in time. But at the same time I had a lot of time to think the theme over. There was a swarm of thoughts but I didn’t really liked any of it until I thought of this one – a music puzzle with one-touch-to-pass-the-level. At that time I was dead sure that it totally covers the theme so I rushed to implement it once I got home. But there was a small problem – as people started to play this game, it turned out that some of them thought it didn’t really correspond the theme. So I thought it all over and understood that those people were right. Partially. I don’t really think that it’s a witty interpretation of the theme, but it doesn’t fall out of it either.

The second problem – I had an overall image of the game in my head, but I didn’t really know how it should be done until I actually started to work on it. I had no idea how the game should look and sound overall, so it was a bit confusing like “what to do next? Maybe this? Or maybe this?”

The third (and the most serious) problem – there was no ready-to-use scale sounds of the piano (ridiculous). I spent several hours looking for it on all possible free sound resources but didn’t manage to find any. I found a Cello scale instead (which is good, but I really wanted the piano). I had no music making software so I couldn’t make these sound by myself.

The fourth problem – GUI. Unity3D OnGUI system is a hell. You have to calculate all the rectangles, scale, align, move and animate all of it programmatically. I decided to drop it and created my own GUI system based on sprites. It’s pretty straightforward, but it’s way more effective than the OnGUI system.

And I totally forgot to start recording a timelapse from the very beginning. I was working for several hours when I remembered of it.

What went right

New Unity3D native 2D system really rocks! I’ve made a working prototype in no time! I had some problems with animation, I’ve never really worked with it in Unity, but overall it was pretty easy and fun to make a full 2D game in Unity3D

Screenshot 2013-12-14 23.40.44

I really knew what I can make in 48-72 hours so I didn’t think of any impossible tasks. In fact, I was able to create even more content than I planned. On the second day I was lazy enough to play demo (and final) versions of other LD games here.

I’ve made a version that I was happy with when it was about 10 hours until the main (48h) deadline. I went for a compo because I used some creative common stuff. I submitted it and started playing others games.

It took some time to create a mobile version of the game (I was busy with my education again) but here it is – you can now play it on your android device! It’s free (and add-free)
Screenshot_2013-12-31-12-31-10 Screenshot_2013-12-31-12-33-01

iOS version is coming out soon.

It was pretty fun for my first Ludum Dare!


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