Going OVERBOARD with post-jam version of My Champion

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December 31st, 2013 12:24 am

After getting some positive feedback on My Champion, I decided to make a post-jam version. My first thought when doing the post-jam was that I shouldn’t go overboard. It’s just a  jam game after all… My next thought was: Screw it, let’s just go overboard!

So here are the additions to the post-jam of My Champion, and this time, I really went OVERBOARD!

* Tweaks to the gameplay: I tweaked the gameplay to make it more playable. Notably, you no longer go faster when running diagonally. The hit box against the gorillas are a bit smaller.
* Half-time: To respect the rules of soccer (or at least some of them), you get a half time at 45 min and get to switch sides.
* Translation to French and Korean: Yep, the game is entirely localized in French and Korean. I translated every words to French, and a friend help me translate to Korea. You can change the language dynamically during the game by pressing ‘L’. This took a lot of work!
* Extra options: You can mute the game. You also have the option to toggle auto-kick. I just added auto-kick to be able to play the game with one hand while holding a beer, but you do play much better by using the space bar.
* Dobuki Logo: The game now looks more professional with my logo ;-D
* Animations: I added the Kick animation for the cat. I also added the gorilla’s walk and kick animation.
* Head-turning: Oliver now sometimes turns his head slightly towards the ball. It’s a bit useful when you need to find the ball offscreen.
* Sound effects: You can hear the ball getting kicked!
* Illustrations: The text is now paired with a nice illustration that describes the story. You can now see how I originally designed coach Tapo (he’s a rabbit!). Also the cat has a name: Oliver!
* Practice mode: You can practice at controlling the ball on an empty field before the real match.
* Referee: Yes! There is now an in-game referee. Though it might just look like a smaller cat, it’s actually a hamster. He doesn’t affect the gameplay, but you can push him around to calm your nerves.
* Goal-keeper: I love this addition, because it’s a big reference to an anime I used to watch in France. I hope those of you who also watched it will recognize who I’m referring to. Note that in theory, this makes the game much harder, but hopefully the adjustment to gameplay compensated for that.
* Multi-player coop mode: That’s right! Multiplayer! I implemented a mode that lets you play with a friend on the same screen. Ok, it’s no longer “You only get one”, but it’s ok. We’re in post-jam ;-P. The second player use the keys ASDW or QSDZ for AZERTY keyboard 😉 and SHIFT. Both players have to remain on screen, so if one player falls behind, he’ll get dragged on by the stage’s boundaries. Note that the 2 player mode is unlocked only once you win a match, so I hope you guys can actually beat the game.
* Vicky: Not only you get a second player, but it’s a feline chick! Here name’s Vicky. She’s pink, she’s faster than Oliver, she can push him around, but she’s weaker at kicking the ball.
* 2 additional endings: Since there’s a new coop mode, I had to add two more endings. One for team victory, and one for draw/defeat. There’s also a nice little storyline to explain the inclusion of Vicky.
* Medals and score table: There are now 8 medals and a highscore table. Some medals are a bit tricky (can you find Waldhino?)

What I didn’t add:
* Crowd: I was going to add the crowd, but to get to it you would have to go pretty far past the game’s boundaries. Meh… I think I’ll go without it.
* Music for title screen: That’s actually the last thing I want to add before releasing the game on Newgrounds. I’m contacting some composer to help me come up with a nice theme song.

Meanwhile, enjoy the post-jam version, and if you haven’t yet, feel free to try and rate the Jam entry. Have a happy new year!

thomas prince

Thomas Prince


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