Postmortem and happy new year! :)

December 29th, 2013 3:45 pm

How it went?

Well, plan was to finish something playable on first day, and polish in on the next.
We got something playable in the end of the second day, as a result, met on the evening of monday and worked since 6pm till 5:30am to turn it into its current state.

The good

  • We used google doc to collect all ideas on first run(no discussing ideas, just writing them) and then going over discussing them, works pretty well to see where team wants to go
  • We picked theme simple enough considering we did not work that much together before
  • We had loads of fun
  • Cat’s are fun to play with(our host had a playful cat)
  • It was good working at one place – It was easy for the team to brainstorm and talk about progress and issues

The bad

  • We failed to finish something playable on first day
  • We did not test programmers teamwork on warmup, turned out there were issues with some parts of our project causing git conflicts -_-
  • On first day we kinda failed to divide work well, as a result some people were not working 100%
  • Also programmers were waiting for designers to make some first graphics to be used in game, while instead should have used whatever as placeholders and start cracking
  • Only one programmer from the team was familiar with tool used, so without him it was hard to progress initially
  • Playful cats are distracting :)
  • If somebody from the team gets distracted when working at one place, it’s easy for others to get distracted too


What to do differently next time

  • Be more familiar with tools to be used
  • Try to divide team members work types beforehand better
  • Finish something playable on first day
  • Don’t wait for graphics from designers, use placeholders


And Happy New Year!




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