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December 29th, 2013 10:05 pm


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MiniLD 48 is over! A whopping 72 entries! You are all winners! Your prize: 72 brand new games! Thanks to everyone who participated! Exclamation! πŸ˜€

We’re not going to have an official voting, but I highly recommend you check out the games and leave some comments. I hope I speak for all of us when I say feedback is always welcome.

If you didn’t get the chance to submit your game yet, let me know. I closed the submission, but I can reopen it if you started late or just needed some more hours to get your game done. Find me on IRC or send me an e-mail to

Update: The theme! Thank you everyone for all the suggestions! Instead of just one word, I’m going to give you a few:


  • facade
  • scheme
  • conspiracy
  • deceit

Feel free to use any number of the words. Feel free to take the words out of context.


  • Make a game.
  • You have 48 hours ofΒ time, on January 10th-12th. Don’t sweat it though. If you need a few extra hours, feel free to do that.
  • You can choose your starting time freely, but I recommend starting Friday night or Saturday morning in your own timezone.
  • You can work alone or in a team.
  • Feel free to use previously created assets, or freely available assets created by others.
  • You can use any tools available to you.
  • Have fun!

I’ll try to get a submission form up and running soon, and I’ll add a MiniLD48 category to the blog. I hope everybody has fun, and please join us on the #ludumdare IRC channel, tweet about your games with the #ld48 hashtag, tweet screenshots with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag, post stuff here on the blog, etc! :)

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148 Responses to “MiniLD #48”

  1. mcapraro says:

    i just had my first LD, what’s a mini LD exactly?

    • Patacorow says:

      It’s a very relaxed Ludum Dare in a sense – you can use any old engine or framework you’ve made (or even ones you haven’t made!), use assets that aren’t yours, work in a team/alone and there are no ratings.

    • deathray says:

      The cool part of the mini-LD compos are that you can probably play each and every game submitted, rather than the overwhelming collection of the main compos.

  2. pekuja says:

    It’s a lot like a regular LD, but they happen more often; specifically every month that there isn’t a regular LD. Community members act as “hosts”, and will typically set a specific theme instead of the theme voting that happens for regular LDs. There are also sometimes changes to the rules, like specific restrictions, and more often than not the rules are looser about things like posting source code and the time limit.

  3. goerp says:

    Theme suggestion: just one more turn

  4. Will Edwards says:

    Goody, I’ve been itching to carry on since the LD28!

    Theme suggestions:

    Power to the People



  5. Photon says:

    Theme suggestion: Extreme

    That gives you some nice options, don’t you think? B)

  6. Theme suggestion: Miley Cirus 4Evar <3

  7. GravityScore says:

    Theme suggestion: Break the System

    One I wanted for LD28, but it didn’t happen.

  8. Guennor says:

    Heh, can we please stop with the “One” thing themes ? “Only one”, “One More”, “One this”, “One that”… Hahaha I think they’re so limited and hard to make games with :B

    My suggestion: Bricks!

  9. Snail_Man says:

    Hmm… Might try to actually make a game in Javascript in lieu of my usual Game Maker.

    Theme suggestion: Facade

  10. Pietro Ferrantelli says:

    That’s awesome, I hope I will be able to participate to this Mini LD, it would be my first one ! Theme suggestions : Genetics, Psychedelic, Mise en abyme (

  11. ploogle says:

    This is a great opportunity for the controversial “Justin Bieber 4Evar <3" theme to make an appearance. πŸ˜€

  12. thegenericbanana says:

    πŸ˜€ I think themes should be usable in any way- story, gameplay, whatever.


  13. Chewbatrij says:

    Last Day Evarz!1

  14. tnerb says:

    “female player”
    “size increasing”

  15. DaleP says:

    Corruption and Surveillance were interesting theme ideas from the LD28 voting, and appropriate given current events. Plus, they’re more open-ended in terms of what you can do with them in a game (especially Corruption, which could mean depravity, data corruption, decay, etc).

  16. Guennor says:

    Oh yeah and I have another suggestion that I think can give a lot of cool (and maybe personal) ideas:

  17. hdon says:

    Whatever Pekuja picks will be fine. Instead of a theme suggestion I’ll just leave a song

  18. Christina Nordlander says:

    I like Corruption. Demakes would be fun, too.

  19. LukeR says:

    Theme Suggestion: Demake

    Imagine de-making GTA V.

    Even imagine COD! It would probably still be shit anyway, so, no.

  20. LukeR says:

    Why is it #LD48?
    It is Ludum Dare 28 isn’t it?

  21. tommakesgames says:

    I did always wonder what #ld48 was all about. Now I know!

    With regards to themes – demake would be cool, but might be TOO general.

    ‘Only one’ is a boring theme and too easy. I would say it won’t encourage much innovation.

    As for GTAV demake – there is one already. It’s called Retrocity Rampage!

    I agee with thegenericbanana that themes should be general and usable in all sorts of scenarios.

    You could do something political/current affairs inspired from 2013. When I did Global Gamecraft in London the theme was “The Impact of Prism”. That was cool!

    There’s my input.

  22. fullmontis says:

    I’m in! Will probably dabble into html5 for the first time. I have to keep my streak of a new language for each jam I am in πŸ˜€

    Theme suggestion: always moving

  23. yoanndeplo says:

    A few themes :
    _ zombies
    _ civilization
    _ robots
    _ save the unicorn !

  24. timotei says:

    How about… HTML/WEB only game (Unity excluded). Might turn out into something (not so) interesting.

    • Christina Nordlander says:

      I’d prefer a jam that isn’t restrained to a specific platform (or programming language, or other technical requirement). It seems to me that any technical restraint would exclude a lot of good potential games.

  25. pint-size-programmer says:

    what about a escape race parkour type thing?

  26. bunnyhero says:

    ah cool, this sounds more my speed than the regular LD, to be honest!

  27. Charlesworth says:

    The theme should be “Don’t cross the streams”. This mini LD sounds great and will be my first game jam (I unfortunately missed LD28)!

  28. I think there’s a problem with the themes selected for the last couple of LDs (You only get one, 10 seconds) as they strongly limit the implementations of mechanics and content. At least that’s what the produced games show. Better themes would be those that affect style (Minimalism, Glitch, 3 Colors) and also good for miniLD, but not for the LD are those that set a game type (7DRTS, here I think “demake” could be said to fit as well). If the theme is to be good and affect the scope of allowed mechanics I think it must be much more generic than “you only get one” (whatever that may be) or much more trivial (at which point the theme becomes quite useless).

    • Guennor says:

      I strongly agree. “10 seconds” and “You only get one”, IMHO, are way too limited. It narrows down the possibilities.

    • JaJ says:

      Themes affecting styles are just as bad if not worse than those that affect mechanics. It puts the focus on art, and even though there are many artists entering, and many people might be in it mainly to make a game with aswesome art, eventually you have to produce a game, not a spritesheet.

      But then: “Minimalism” didn’t need to affect style at all. “10 seconds” didn’t have to affect mechanics either, neither did “you only get one.” (Both were excellent themes to build a story around.) “You only get one” could refer to colors used, one hour to make each game in a warioware-like minigame collection, or even using just one sheet of paper to draw all the sprites on.

      The problem with most themes is not that they ARE too limiting, it’s that they SEEM too limiting, not only does it result in a whole bunch of similar games, but games that do put an original spin on the theme don’t seem to get the credit they deserve. (“Hey, this game doesn’t have a minimalist art style! 1 star for theme!”)

    • laaph says:

      I kind of disagree. I have two interpretations – one is that you can shoe-horn a mechanics theme into almost any game, and while it does change the gameplay, it can take one game and turn it in to something different (and I think the games I have made are examples of that). I also think that there is plenty of room, and people do so, to play lip service to a theme, and make the game you wanted to in the first place (which I am also guilty of).

      I think Ludum Dare themes are way better than Global Game Jam themes, Ouroboros and… well it was never written but the sound of a heart beat. Actually, I take that back, Ouroboros was downright cool, but nobody followed it very well. (No one followed Evolution very well for LD24 as well, IMHO).

  29. nyrrrr says:

    I guess I’m in. And Zerano will join me again.

    Theme suggestion: PIZZA!

  30. cjacobwade says:


  31. Ras Lyon says:

    Theme Suggestions:

    -How much the game can affect life outside the game

  32. igorsandman says:

    theme suggestion: “you must lose to win”

  33. Guennor says:

    Ok, officially, my suggestions are:

  34. BradleySmith says:

    Theme: Misanthropy.

  35. Vi-King Games says:

    Demake or phobias would be amazing :O

  36. Angels and demons!
    BTW what’s a demake?

  37. SK16Games says:

    Does anyone know, when the theme is announced? Is it a week before it starts, a day before or even ON the day? If you know, please reply ;D

  38. NicoM says:

    surveillance or corruption (as someone else said), both sound like they would end up with some incredible games…

  39. gmfk07 says:

    Theme ideas:
    – Parody
    – Errors
    – Subjective
    – Redos
    – MiniLD (An LD about LDs? Why not :P)

  40. hirsch says:

    A limitation would be even more interesting than a specific theme. A limitation improves the creativity of everyone to bypass those limits and creates more mechanic focused games.
    Possible limitations are e.g. resolution, fps, filesize, … GIVE ME MORE EXAMPLES πŸ˜€

  41. nicklink483 says:

    Possible Themes:

    – Repetition
    – Practice makes Perfect
    – The Right Stuff
    – Invincible
    – Room within a Room
    – Stop
    – Wrinkle
    – Up Down Left Right

    This will be my first LD at all, can’t wait to have fun with this!

  42. How about the theme being a short list of themes (e.g. six) and everyone has to combine two? So I may select to make “corruption” + “unicorns” while you make “you must die to win” + “robots”.

  43. swhite1016 says:

    Theme should be called ” starting over”

  44. euske says:

    – random death
    – too big / too small
    – jealousy
    – you are forced
    – always debug mode

  45. Managore says:

    Some of the suggestions I really like:

    – Reflection
    – Radiation
    – You Are Forced
    – Room within a Room
    – Errors
    – Facade

    The only theme I can come up with that I think would be interesting is:

    – Four in One

  46. nyrrrr says:

    when will the theme be announced?

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