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December 29th, 2013 2:32 am

i decided to continue development of my LD game, until now the progress is good so far,  because the LD version messed up so bad, hahaha 😀 😀
it was really hard when you need to draw and code in same time, i messed up a lot before,  thanks God my friend was doing good too for the BGM, everyone knows Ludum Dare is like Time-Management Game when the player supposed to create a game within limited time,  ;D
okay for today , to make it a bit complex,  i added  :

– inventory system,
– equipment rank, the scale is from grey to red  ( normal ,fine, ancient, legend, phantasm).
– drawing and coding a lot stuffs related to equipment, mehh :/
– rebalance the talent and stats of player.
– added more effects such as blood, etc but keep the FPS low
– buff and debuff,
also about the servitor ( main character ) face, still no idea, my friend said to draw it with japanese anime style, while the other said do with a bit realism style, it’s story wise, will look up later, but for sure we gonna change the infobar with like this example


actually this is still farrrrrr away from our planning after doing LD and after realized how bad the LD version was haha *sob*
now let’s take the seat back and enjoy our time, guys !
you can play the LD version here, lul i know it’s bad but better than nothing, hope we can release the full asap, cheers !

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