Unity Export for Linux – Addendum (64-bit)

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December 28th, 2013 9:06 am

Hey guys, it’s me again. Time for further clarification on helping out our Linux brethren (and sistren) enjoy the games that have been made in Unity. Unlike on Windows, 64-bit Linux systems are unable to process Unity’s 32-bit exports. As a result, several users are reporting errors when they attempt to play Unity games. Luckily for us, Unity has a built in feature to address this issue. It’s a super-complicated process, are you ready?

Step 1:

In Unity’s build settings, select the “x86 + x86_64 (Universal)” option on your Linux export.


Step 2:

Eat a sandwich. Or drink some water. Or something. Step 2 doesn’t really matter, I guess.

Ok, well that might not have been super-complicated after all. This will increase the filesize for your Linux downloadable, but will make 64-bit users happy. If you are feeling particularly generous, you can make two different exports (one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit) to keep the filesize down. After you have exported the files, make sure to package them correctly for Linux users.

Together we can change the world, one Linux export at a time.

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