Problems running Unity Linux standalones

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December 27th, 2013 3:38 pm

I noticed that many Unity users are now exporting a standalone version for Linux. This  is great news, because otherwise I coulndn’t try their games, as there is no Unity Web player for Linux :(

However I’m not being able to run most of these standalone executables, and I was wondering if other Linux LDers are having  similar issues. The most common symptom is that the game just fails to start without any error messages, or displays the screen size/depth selection window and exits right after that.

I guess this could be related to the target architecture – I have a 64bit version of Fedora 19, and the exported games seem to be for 32bit, but I don’t know if there’s a log file somewhere that might give some insight about what’s going on.

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  1. soerensen3 says:

    Hi f7f5,

    for me the linux versions work on 64 Bit Linux Mint (Ubuntu). I have the propriertary NVidia driver installed. I don’t know how much experience you have in Linux but maybe some of these ideas will help.

    it might be the display driver. Try glxinfo from the console to get more information on the driver.

    If it’s not the driver it might be that you have to install 32 Bit Libraries (I think you have to do this on Ubuntu, for example for using wine).

    One opportunity to get logging output in linux is to start files from terminal. You can also use pipes (>) to redirect output to a file.

    For me even the exe files work with wine.

    Good luck!

  2. f7f5 says:

    I have the Nvidia driver as well.

    I’m guessing missing 32bit libs, but I don’t know which. I’m already starting from the terminal, but I get no errors on the console. For example, with Asphyxia ( :

    $ ./Asphyxia.x86
    Set current directory to LD28/Asphyxia
    Found path: LD28/Asphyxia/Asphyxia.x86
    Mono path[0] = ‘LD28/Asphyxia/Asphyxia_Data/Managed’
    Mono path[1] = ‘LD28/Asphyxia/Asphyxia_Data/Mono’
    Mono config path = ‘LD28/Asphyxia/Asphyxia_Data/Mono/etc’

    It shows the window to select screen resolution, I leave the default (or pick another one, doesn’t matter) and it exits to the console again without any further output.

  3. Atmospherium says:

    Unity has separate exports for 32 and 64 bit architecture on Linux, but also has a way to export both versions in one package. My guess is that the 64-bit exports should work for you, but people just aren’t exporting for that purpose. My game has both versions in the Linux package, if you want to test if that is the case.

  4. dqmhose says:

    I’d love to hear if my game works on Fedora. I exported both version but I was not sure if it even works. I heard the Mac version didn’t work, unfortunately I can’t try either one of them because I’m stuck with Windows for the time being.

  5. f7f5 says:

    @Atmospherium: yup, your game (64-bit version) works fine. The 32-bit version displays the behaviour I described in my post.

    From I see that Unity has a universal export feature, that should run on both 32 and 64-bit systems. I wonder why people don’t use that.

    I guess most Linux owners should have 64-bit systems these days…

    @dqmhose: a link would be great 😉 I searched for your handle in the “Rate Games” page but got 0 results.

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