You Only Get One Limb post mortem

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December 26th, 2013 2:21 pm


1) Keep it simple, no gravity, no physics.
2) Think of new patterns, learn more about engine.
2) Test content pipeline for full-HD graphics.
4) Have fun.


And i broke the first rule almost immediately after i started working.
At first i wasn’t quite sure if one limb mechanics is going to work, so i spent about 2 hours experimenting with physics model configuration, character mass and different approaches to moving the limb until i hit the fun combination. After that i started adding variants to basic grabbing and moving mechanics.

The pistol was the first thing i did (because GUNS):

But it didn’t get into the Jam-build, as i didn’t have enough time to make bullets and shooting mechanics. Controls in the game are hard to master, so i had to slowly introduce player to the motion and physics. First few level were going to be just “acrobatic”, and i only managed to make 3 levels.


I used the free Unity with the new Box2D physics, and my library of Unity classes with all kind of maths, utilities, and base objects (that’s why i’m doing jam, i can’t work without an extensive library of functions, mad props to everybody who can use bare minimum and do all the math from scratch in 2 days).

I have my own free-transform thingie:
I know, unity now has default 2d-transform, but this one works in 3d as well as in 2d, allows to transform all meshes and physics objects (not just 2d sprites in 2d), has shortcuts for depth and also does all the stuff that default transform does (including multiple object transforming). It saved me so much time on level editing. Also not using default 2d graphics.
I used my animation editor and playback system again:
There’s not much animation in this game though.

And here’s a tip:
super window
If you are working with Unity, i suggest you to make an editor-window like this and put there all the frequently used functions. This one allows me to quickly lock background/foreground, add shapes/sprites/bodies to objects and bunch of other useful stuff.

I did a lot of drawing this time. There are total of 70 sprites:
all sprites
I spent a lot of time choosing color scheme, and then cutting all the platforms, but it was fun.

What went right

1) I spent most of the time working on mechanics, graphics and level design instead of code.
2) Engine didn’t break down, all the custom tools worked as planned, so i didn’t waste any time debugging tools.
3) All graphics were made to look crispy in resolutions up to FullHD.
4) It was fun XD

What went wrong

1) Didn’t manage to implement some of the mechanics i wanted, and didn’t make enough levels.
2) The game becomes too hard too soon, again, could be solved with more levels and more gentle difficulty slope.
3) No sounds, no music. I didn’t think about it, but i should have chosen some free music before the jam.

And the links:

Link to the game

Timelapse video

Thanks to everybody who participated, having a lot of fun playing your games!

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