Post Mortem IV: “Post-Compo”

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December 26th, 2013 11:46 pm

In my compo-entry, “Toy Soldiers”, though everything that would be expected of a Lemming-like worked; it was too much like the original Lemmings and too inaccessible to players that aren’t familiar with the Lemmings series. This was because of a combination of poor time-management and being overly ambitious for the time-limit. I still feel that what I did get done was quite a bit of technical output for the limits, but its still, even to me, a shitty game, though I didn’t realize this until reviews I got after the release. This is where we come to the possibility of a post-compo version. I still haven’t decided on if I am going to do this, but if and when I am; the following are the primary features and changes.

  1. Switch physics from Unity default physics (using Box Colliders and Rigidbodies) to pixel crunching (using a new scratch system based off of pure numbers). This is to tighten up the physics and make it more efficient, if more obviously cubic/voxel. It should repair many of the glitches and prevent lag.
  2. Ditch the Christmas-Themed “Toy Soldiers” in name and in main character(s) art. I only used the Christmas theme because the release was so close to Christmas and toy soldiers and nutcrackers to base the art on were everywhere. New game will use less seasonal robotic troops; perhaps keeping to cutesy kids toys or perhaps switching to a science-fiction theme. Toy soldier art MAY be updated for a special Christmas edition, but series will not remain completely that style.
  3. Action Log and Time Travel-All actions taken by each soldier will be recorded by the soldier, allowing for the level to be backed up (may not be enabled on all levels) and for some of the soldiers to use time travel to their advantage. If a unit travels back in time, everything in the scene moves in reverse for one minute (this was originally intended to be used in the compo version, but wasn’t even started because of time); except the unit, which remains where it is. This forces all units to need reversed versions of their commands and the ability of the scene to straight up reset itself.
  4. Strict framecount enforcement. Because timelimits in the game are very exact, demanding and the speed of a game as whole can lag (or glitch) if the frameRate is too low/high. The new version will use multiple automatic quality reductions to fix the frame rate if it is too low and the Unity default ‘targetFrameRate’ to slow the frameRate if it is too high.
  5. Built-in level-editing application. Levels are already little more than .png images as it is. In new version they will be completely so and the player will have access to a basic Paint-like image editor with placeable objects for special tiles (entrance, exit, traps, etc.) in order to paint their custom levels. They will also be able to specify which kind of level it is and which skills are available.
  6. Multiple play modes; set (like in compo-version), puzzle focus (allows time to be reversed so really exact solutions are possible), two VS modes (a group of robots VS another, either AI or networked [a] get yours to the goal first and [b] kill all opponents), perhaps more…
  7. Dynamic fluids; water and lava that pour correctly (similar style to Minecraft (in original Lemmings they were fixed blocks that couldn’t move)).
  8. More skills available.
  9. More levels; including easier levels and relative tutorial levels that introduce the new skills one at a time.
  10. Touchscreen support (new target platforms iPad, Windows Tablet and phones).

Minor fixes:

  1. Width of the grappling hook will be fixed.
  2. Walking speed will be slowed.
  3. Camera will be able to move while paused.

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