TimeLapse and how our game idea evolved

December 25th, 2013 9:31 am

Here is one of our programmers timelapse.

And our designer timelapses

Plus a little retrospect on how things went(Postmortem comes little bit later)
On day one, we gathered up on Saturday and spend first I think 4 hours writing ideas in to a Google Doc, and then going over them discussing.
We had plenty of funny ideas on a level of a story. But none were exactly that good in terms of game play idea.

We decided, why not to use all of them and make a quest game :) And so we did. Or at least started.

Idea was that you have only one day of life left, and at the end of it you die and go to hell or haven(or may be even other options).
Idea was to have linear quests, aka go there fetch that, with characters and other interactive items and some funny stories that effect where you end up in the end.

Then second day of compo came. By that time it was clear we are behind the scheduled so we did first pivot.
We decided that we will have kinda 4 story lines and which you play is random. First random element was on who you are. If you are atheist, satanist or some other not exactly haven material guy you actually want to go to hell(to hang around with atheists and other cool people). Or you do want to go to haven(such a cliche these days :D).
Anyways, second random element is which quest we give you, which determines if you win or loose. Soo, you may want to go to haven, you get a quest to help a child, but trough quest end up ruining his childhood and go to hell in the end :)

Then 3rd day came. We have day jobs so we gathered at 6pm to finis it up. And we worked till 5:30am considering some had a job to go to at 9am -_-
By now we decided to do another pivot. It would not change much, just make more use of content we had. Ida was to use Giant Turnip fairy tail as example

Basically ideas is that instead of “go there fetch that” all characters run with you. It saves time and leads to some funny combinations. All we needed was to add reactions of characters and achievements based combinations you got.
And we do have some such achievements there, like stopped zombie apocalypse, ruined childhood or stolen Christmas :)

That’s I think it, we would be thankful if you went and rated our game 😉 And may be have idea how to improve it too?

Our game

Our game

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