OmfffFgg Enhanced version of Ultimate Wish In-cuuuming !

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December 24th, 2013 5:59 am

Yo bros
Just some news from my ld 28 game  (yeah autopub-egotrip i know :D)
I managed to remake my teleport engine !!!! (wohoo achievement)
The compo version is near unplayable cause of the unprecize teleport system
My nose is still bleeding with booleans, else, and other basics code for you but terribly advanced for my  tiny graphist brain 😀
be sure to test the compo version  by clicking this gif (beware bugs inside 😀 )

bandicam 2013-12-15 17-43-31-254

And here is the proto of my enhanced version aviable by clicking this gif
click : shoot
reclick :cancel shoot
space : teleport (with bounce on, you only can TP if you did one bounce)

ergonomy is not set up yet, am working on it.

protoenhanced2next tasks :
-> egronomy
-> level design  n’puzzles
-> FX uneleashed
-> Music/sfx
-> release the post compo Ultimate Wish only for your eyes :)



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