Charon v2

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December 24th, 2013 11:03 am

I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my game Charon (you can still play/rate the compo version here.) made during the LD (not so Speccy-looking, there was an obvious lack of sound FX), so I added Attribute Clash FX and CRT filter to emulate the old look of the ZX Spectrum games. These FX could be deactivate/activate by pressing CTRL if you want.

Version 2.0 available here: + (map here with spoilers).


I also added several sound FX made with Beepola. By the way, if you want to create raw chiptunes, “1-bit music” , this is light, simple software 😉

I know I failed to create an interesting 2D-labyrinth, but I think I managed to make a successful gloomy atmosphere anyway. There is no “death” or Game Over in the game because I followed the #NoKill challenge (part of the #OneGameAMonth challenge).

Overall, I wasn’t be thrilled by the theme, that’s why the theme is kinda missing in this game :/


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  1. Well, nice animations and sound fx but the gameplay has been slowed down too much in my opinion.

  2. lilinx says:

    It seems you adapted your wonderful little game to the requests of the players, because so many of the complained about not understanding the game. In my opinion this may not have been a good choice. The game was really neat, very suggestive, you would have to understand everything by yourself with simple, elegant hints and you would also have to figure out what was going on on the “story” side (who is Charon and what’s he doing). The less colored graphics were also more elegant. The music is not needed. I also don’t like so much the way it starts over at each screen so it gets very repetitive. Please please please understand, your starting ideas were great, and you do not need to add sound to your game to make it more “standard” and you do NOT need to give more hints about what to do and more transitions to make it more “readable” because all the pleasure in this game was in discovering the mechanics : first feeling lost, then feeling some progression, then understanding how it works, solving it. This is just a personal opinion of course and I wanted to share it because I liked your compo game so much, because it was so simple and allusive, and I don’t like the idea that people get discouraged in their innovative/risky ideas because of the reactions of the voters/players. Keep up the good work.
    PS ; color crash makes a bug on my computer, I see two boats with 2 Charon.
    PS2 : your game rremi

  3. lilinx says:

    PS2 : your game reminds me of a very old game called “Sorcery” you may want to check it out

  4. jerombd says:

    @Giovanni I accelerated the door animations and put the musics into the rooms, so it should be quicker now.

    @lilinx thank you for describing your point of view!
    Well, I made a post-compo version because of some (negative) feedback first and added some new stuff, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with myself too: the game was pretty basic. Suggestive yes, but too “raw” (only few interactive actions, few animations, and 1 music). So, I thought it was worthwhile to make a new version.
    I understand how you see I toned down the qualities of Charon, but imho Charon is more “beautiful” and “user-firendly” but still allusive and I didn’t change the core gameplay anyway.
    Also I think the doors create a more 3-dimensional space (it was too flat before). The door animation adds suspense (an old trick see in the old 1996 Resident Evil) even if it breaks the flow.

    “two boats with 2 Charon” XD
    Due to your concerns and bugs, I put options to deactivate Color Crash, the useless CRT filter and sounds 😉

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