Senile Santa, cute kids & ruthless Rudolph – Post Mortem

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December 23rd, 2013 7:46 am

Okay let’s keep it quick. Oh, entry HERE by the way. Also, just uploaded the timelapse.

What went right : not much, actually. Saved by animation (and humor) again heh. Most of the feedback I’ve had about this game says it is “unexpected”, which was intended, so I got that point right too.

What went wrong : There’s no actual concept or gameplay behing the game, just an idea like “oh that’d be funny if…”. Thus, after playing it once there is no point in playing it again :/ I realized that way too late, while I should have forethought it, and that got me in a pretty bad mood on the second day of the compo. You know, this “I’m not sure it is actually worth it” feeling.
Another pretty unpleasant thing was that I grew bored of the animation work as time passed. I truly love animating, but it is a very repetitive work once you get the structure and timing right, and I basically had to redo the very same animations with 4 different characters – boring.

Conclusion : I really have to focus on looking for a gameplay idea next time. Maybe I was too quick on getting started and should have spent more time thinking about the theme and what the game was gonna be.
On the graphic/visual part, I’ll try to limit the animation work needed (i.e. the number of different animated assets). Also, I feel like the general aesthetic of the game lacks some spirit, gotta work on that.

Anyway, that’s not enough for me to lose the taste of the LD. See you next time, have a spoilery gif in the meantime :


*:・゚✧ MeRrY ChRiStMaS ✧ *:・゚

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