Gasha-power — Postmortem

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December 23rd, 2013 6:59 pm

I believe now’s a good time to do a postmortem report on “Gasha-power.”

Good things…

Platform engine — I had done many platform games before, but most were too substandard and doesn’t really stand out from the norm. I wanted to add a few advanced, yet basic, features like accelerating speed, and enemy bouncing. (The bouncing is not perfect as you do get hurt by doing that occasionally.) Overall, it seems to work very fine, at least towards my expectations. Although, a lot more features would have probably add a little more fun.

Level design — The design was quick and simple and not too linear. I made the levels branch out a bit to add a little replay value to the game. That, and addition of two endings. It could have been longer, but too much time was spent on the programming.

Graphics — I went with low-res artwork this time to really capture the feeling of playing a platform game circa the 90’s. I find it funny that very many players compared the graphics to most Kirby games. :) I guess the graphics does have some resemblance to Kirby, but obviously wasn’t my intention. Animation wasn’t too hard, but it did cost me some time.

Programming without experience — I must admit that I had never created a platform game in Flash. So, this entry was a big risk or, appropriately, a dare. Several times, I was about to do some advanced programming to make the game more powerful, but feared doing that would take too long. Therefore, I just went for what works and simple to do. I was fortunate enough to get the entire platform game working very well, but not perfect. I still see a few “hiccups” involving the engine itself, so more work needs to be done if I decide to expand the game further.

Bad things…

Performance — It caught me without much warning. I was using Adobe Flash Professional to test my game like crazy. During those tests showed the game running at a decent speed. That was until I tested the game on the browser window when performance went very bad. It was laggy like I was using an obsolete computer. I was ashamed and embarrassed to let that sort of thing happened with no time left to fix. Fortunately, I did released a second version after the competition was over. It ran a little faster than the first, but still suffers a bit in performance. Then, a third version was released, which further improved the performance. If the game should become a failure, it would most likely be due to its performance.

Programming without experience — A good thing in one part is a bad thing in the other part. I had never worked with graphical collision detection before as I am more used to mathematics to determine collisions. While the collision works in this case, I wasn’t sure how to draw the entire level and get enemies to interact with that level. I had several ideas at the time, but many were feared to be too time consuming. What I had done was add the enemies, blocks, the player, etc. into one big object. As long as most of them don’t update when they are not on the screen, it should keep the game run well. Still, the level was too big, affecting the game’s performance. I suppose a little more practice could had helped, but at least I had “some” practice or I would had been lost for good!

No audio — I was pretty close to add audio, but the programming cost me too much time to do that. With a game like this, audio would definitely add more impression.

No particles or eyecandy — It would have add more dazzle to the game by adding effects to when an enemy was hit for example. I’m often uncontrollable for adding effects to many things and events.

Difficulty — This is just a minor setback. Some said the game’s too easy, which is understandable. Most of the enemies are too “tame”, although I originally had plans to add more of them doing different things. Personally, considering the length of the level, the game is too simple to judge if it’s easy or difficult.


Overall, this is one of my better entries, but I feared many players won’t see the game’s beauty as many had played the first two versions. Hopefully some players would still see the talent and hard work put within 48 hours into development. The game have some elements that fit the theme, but I’ll leave it up to you to look closely at it.

Despite what many people said about platform games in general, I plan to create a full platform game much like the one I just made. Until next time!

Thank you very much for those who had rated this game! :) If you still haven’t let, don’t hesitate to rate!

Play the game here!

Bonus: here are some of my work on paper:

Draft work #1

Draft work #1

Draft work #2

Draft work #2

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