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December 23rd, 2013 12:40 pm

I’m out of town for the holidays, so I’ll have limited time to play and rate any more games. But out of the 60+ games I’ve rated so far, these are the ones that rose to the top. These are all compo games, but I might do another listing for jam games later. In no particular order…

Last Chance SupermarketSebastian

The most entertaining shopping cart simulator that I’ve ever played. Which doesn’t really say a whole lot, but this game is actually really fun. The controls are responsive, the visuals are distinct, and it’s entertaining if you play to intentionally lose. Ragdoll physics are always a plus.

Thrust IssuesGravedrinker

This game has great art, innovative controls, and a nice difficulty curve. The compo version’s controls are a bit difficult at first, but if you stick with it, this game is really fun. Check out the post-compo version for updated controls and a few new levels.


The focus of this game is on the story, but there’s a few different minigames included to drive the gameplay. The gameplay can be quite challenging, but in a way that encourages the player to improve instead of just discouraging them. A very unique experience.


This is easily one of the best single-button controlled games in the compo. The art is simple, the controls are simple, but the gameplay is incredibly challenging. Out of any game in the compo, this one has left me with the strongest sense of achievement when I completed some of the more difficult levels.


Another single-button controlled games, but one that turns it into something far more empowering for the player. The control design for this is nothing short of brilliant, giving the player surprisingly complete platformer-style control of movement. Some of the puzzles get challenging towards the end, but that’s where the game really starts to shine.

The Day the Laughter StoppedCrabman

This game is incredibly hard to describe without spoiling it, but my playthrough of this game was the single most memorable experience for me in this LD. An hour after playing this game it was still all I could think of. It’s a game that takes itself seriously, not in a pretentious, self-serving way, but in a way that understands the weight of the topic it is addressing. This is the game that people will be talking about long after the contest ends.

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