A precious Arrow : Timelapse + Music MML Language

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December 23rd, 2013 8:00 am

Hello everyone ! I’m here to present you the timelapse of A Precious Arrow.
It may be more interesting than my previous timelapse, because I spent much more time on leveldesign and gfx on this LD28.


I also would like you to have a look at MML Language.

Maybe some of you already know it, I made a post in May about it
This language let you define music with just text, here’s an example from my LD28 entry :

#A=%1 @8 l8f4<c4r >f<cfd+d16d+16c4 r4^8>a+16<c16
d4>a+4 r a+ag16a16ra+<c4r2>
f4<c4r >f<cfg d+4r r4^8 f16g16g+gfd+fc>g+<c>f4 r2rrr1r1;

%1 @9,,,36 q1

%1 @1,,,30 o3 l8
$ frffrf l16 d+d+d+r l8 frffrd+16 l16 fgd+>a+r;


// ++
%1 @4q2,,40 %v2,4 v10
$l16ff((ff((ff((ff))ff))ff))ffff <ff((ff((ff((ff))ff))ff))ffff>

I made a tool to read and visualize MML music you can past the string here.

I think this MML format is a very good start for every coder who think he will never be able to compose a game music.
By just typing note  code ( c d e f g a b ) and tempo numbers ( c4 d4 e2 ) you get a real script feeling far from what we usually see in trackers.

I hope other people will be able to compose music for their game with it.

End post Bonus : some epic cyclop battle gif for you !

A Precious Arrow


2 Responses to “A precious Arrow : Timelapse + Music MML Language”

  1. Jiggawatt says:

    >I think this MML format is a very good start for every coder who think he will never be able to compose a game music.

    Probably not, trackers are still more accessible. Presenting compositions *in the form of code* still doesn’t help those who don’t have musical skills. In fact, now you’ve got to learn what all that means in addition to the composing side of it.

    • Benjamin says:

      I must agree on the fact MML as a music visualization tool is very bad. That’s why I added those graphics in my tool. Infact I’m mostly interested in MML for the input.

      I personnaly have a lot of problem with rythm and spent most of my time on tracker on copy-paste operations because I can’t figure how to represent the pattern in my mind. By letting me adding rest anywhere in my code without having to move entire parts, MML helped me a lot.
      Maybe it’s not a generic solution but a specific answer to people like me who can easily compose in their mind and can’t find a good way to transcribe it on a computer.

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