Fish Go Blub – too challenging?

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December 22nd, 2013 10:52 am

After clearing the first three levels, a lot of people have been finding the second half of my game a bit difficult (sorry! I seem to have a habit of doing that during Ludum Dare). I’ve created a video playthrough of the game to show that all six levels are possible, and to give people a chance to see some of the later content if they wish.

You can play the game here:

What are your thoughts on the difficulty level of Ludum Dare games?

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  1. I tried your game, got stuck at level 3. Yeah it’s pretty difficult, but I think with a lot of practice, eventually you get better at controlling the fish so it’s satisfying. I would have liked if there’s an option to use the keyboard instead of mouse since I’m on a mac and the mouse is the trackpad ;-P

    I found that the difficulty of games varies on LD, ranging from piss easy to impossible. Some games are more of an art piece, so they’re like easy feeling games. I think those are more popular than difficult games which frustrates some users. I like to make difficult games because I enjoy players struggling to get their reward, and I find that a lot of commercial games these days tend to hold your hand too much.

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